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Marketing is a core subject in commerce. It is a process of manufacturing the product to selling it to providing after-sale services. Marketing is more than just selling. It is taught in almost all universities. Griffith University teaches marketing under 10003MKT introduction to marketing.

1003mkt introduction to marketing

The objective of teaching this subject is to provide knowledge about the analytical, creative, and functions of marketing. It teaches the 4Ps and gives detailed knowledge about marketing. The other subjects related to marketing taught to students at Griffith University are 1083MKT Introduction to Marketing, 1007IBA International Marketing.

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Understanding Marketing With 1003MKT Introduction To Marketing Help Experts

  • Marketing is a process of manufacturing, selling, and providing after-sale services of the product. It starts with manufacturing the products, markets the product to buyers, sells the product, and look after the need of the customers after-sale.
  • Often marketing and selling are confused to be the same. Both have a significant difference that distinguishes between them. Selling is a process of handing over the product in exchange for money, whereas marketing includes proper promotion of the product.
  • Marketing mix or the 4Ps include product, price, place, and promotion. These are 4 things that the company needs to market the product or service.
  • There are various kinds of marketing such as B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C.

Now we know the marketing mix and the types of marketing. Let us understand these in detail.

Understanding The Marketing Mix Or 4Ps Of Marketing

  • Product- The items or the services that the company plans to offer are known as products. The products fulfil the needs of the customer and satisfy their demand. The product should include guarantees, warranties, etc to increase the market value. The marketers can survey to understand the product needs of the customers, know the competition, etc.
  • Price- The amount for which the company will sell the product is the price of the product. There are 3 things taken into consideration while deciding the price of the product, these are cost price, marketing costs, and distribution expenses. The marketers survey the price of the competitors before deciding the price. The price should be reasonable and negotiable by the customer.
  • Place- The area where the product will be distributed is known as place. The place should need a product. There should be considerations about the selling strategy of the product such as online or offline. There stores or shops should be considered.
  • Promotion- Promotion is the 4th and last P in the marketing mix. It makes people aware of the product the seller is selling by advertising it, conducting sales promotion, through public relations, etc. The promotion of the product helps it to reach the end-users who need it. Through promotion, people know about the product and its characteristics.
1003mkt introduction to marketing

Different Types Of Marketing Described By 1003MKT Griffith University Academic Assistance through Online Tutoring

  • B2B marketing- The B2B marketing strategies are used by the business that sells its products or services to other businesses. Examples of B2B marketing are raw materials, machinery, business supplies, etc. The major business that purchases through B2B is producers, resellers, government, and institutions.
  • B2C marketing- B2C or business to consumers is the most typical market. It sells its products and services through marketing to direct consumers. Most of the B2C marketing is done through online portals. The consumers shop for their personal needs.
  • C2B marketing- In C2B marketing or consumer to business marketing, the consumers provide services to the business. It is the opposite of B2C marketing.
  • C2C marketing- C2C marketing is the consumer to consumer marketing. The online platforms support C2C marketing. The consumers who know do not require the goods resells it to another consumer who needs it.

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Some topics as 1003MKT introduction to marketing example are persona profit development, brand positioning, product/solution launch planning, etc.

1003mkt introduction to marketing 1003mkt introduction to marketing

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