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Psychology is the study of a person's mind and behaviour. Many universities have taken developmental psychology seriously. Western Sydney University is one of the universities that have developmental psychology as a subject. 101682 developmental psychology is being taught at the University. The main objective of this subject is to understand the development and growth of the person through psychological principles. In case you are struggling with exams and looking for 101682 Developmental Psychology academic assistance through online tutoring, there is no better platform than Sample Assignment.

101682 developmental psychology academic assistance through online tutoring

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Understanding Developmental Psychology With 101682 Developmental Psychology Academic Assistance through Online Tutoring

  • The field that studies the reasons for why and how human beings change in a course of time is known as developmental psychology. It is a scientific study.
  • Though it was meant for infants, it now includes the study of adolescence, adults, and the entire life span.
  • The work of psychologists includes the study of various changes that happen in life due to behavior, feelings, and thinking.
  • There are three main dimensions that developmental psychology explores, cognitive development, physical development, and social-emotional development.
  • Education psychology, child psychopathology, forensic developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, cultural psychology, child development, and ecological psychology are the various fields of developmental psychology.
  • The research areas in developmental psychology are social and emotional development, memory development, cognitive development, and physical development.
  • A cross-sectional design, longitudinal design, micro genetic design, and sequential design are the research designs used in developmental psychology.
  • Psychological development is different in every stage of life. From infancy to adulthood to old age there are different needs and psychological requirements.

Research Areas In Developmental Psychology

  1. Cognitive development- Cognitive development is concerned with the way of thinking of children and infants. The skills, problem-solving, and memory are developed in infants and children. Acquiring language and developing motor skills are major cognitive development.
  2. Social and emotional development- Social and emotional development is very important in an individual. Psychologists study human behaviour in the social surroundings and how they react to it. The child developing friendships, understanding, and dealing with emotions and developing identities is a part of social and emotional development.
  3. Physical development- The physical maturation of the individual body is a part of the development of an individual. The growth of children differs in various ways. There are studies and analyses to understand why there are differences and how these differences and timings affect the body. It is studied how growth differences affect other psychological developments.
  4. Memory development- The development of memory from childhood is studied by researchers. The developments in the memory of the child vary as he grows up.
101682 developmental psychology academic assistance through online tutoring


Theories Of Developmental Psychology Are:

  1. Theories of cognitive development
  2. Psychosexual development
  3. Zone of proximal development
  4. Stages of moral development
  5. Stages of psychosocial development
  6. Ecological systems theory
  7. Stages based on the model of hierarchical complexity
  8. Attachment theory
  9. Evolutionary developmental psychology
  10. Constructivism

A Glimpse Of The Psychological Development Assignment

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101682 developmental psychology academic assistance through online tutoring 101682 developmental psychology academic assistance through online tutoring

The Life Stages Of Psychological Development

  1. Prenatal development- There are three main stages in prenatal development are the germinal stage, the embryonic stage, and the fetal stage.
  2. Infancy- The first year from birth is the infant period of the child. During this time children develop various skills.
  3. Toddler-hood- The toddler age of the children in 1-2 years of age. In this stage, the infant tries to be self-aware and develop maturity.
  4. Childhood- During childhood, the children develop maximum skills. They develop psychologically.
  5. Adolescence- Adolescence is the most crucial time in human life. During this time the children hit puberty and develop psychically, mentally, and emotionally.
  6. Early adulthood- In early adulthood, the individual is developed and possesses many qualities. They are mature enough to take decisions wisely and act upon them.
  7. Middle adulthood- Middle adulthood is a group of most independent and mature people. At this age, the individual is mature, independent, and contributing to society.
  8. Old age- During old age people develop feelings of loneliness. The people of age above 60 can be termed as old.

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