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Students investigate the architecture and function of the human body in 1808NRS course unit, which builds on and develops the information gained in the unit of 1805NRS-Human Anatomy and Physiology. This includes the role of balancing in metabolic preservation; the major functions of the cardiac, respiration, renal, testicular, and nervous systems as organ systems; and the application of such understanding to human preventive care.

Knowledge and understanding of the anatomical and physiologic structures of the human body underlie and inform professional development in a variety of health fields. The body's changes throughout time are also being investigated. Core topics are presented in an interconnected and comprehensive manner to help students transfer, absorb, and apply new knowledge obtained in this course to subsequent courses in their degree, as well as to use what they've learned for professional nursing.

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1808NRS Assessment Answers

Top Australian Universities that Offer the Human Anatomy and Physiology Course:

According to our 1808NRS Dissertation Help online specialists, the following Australian universities offer a degree in Human Anatomy and Physiology:

  • University of Sydney
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Queensland
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Western Australia
  • University of Adelaide
  • Australian National University
  • Monash University
  • Flinders University
  • RMIT University
  • University of Newcastle
  • La Trobe University
  • University of New England, Australia
  • Murdoch University

The Australian universities mentioned above provide academic support for the Human Anatomy and Physiology course or related courses. Students who complete the 1808NRS Human Anatomy and Physiology course will be able to master skills for critical thinking and concern abilities that can be applied in database administration.

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1808NRS assessment answers

What is Included in the 1808NRS Human Anatomy and Physiology Course?

The fundamental goal of 1808NRS is for students to comprehend the structure and functionality of the human body. This includes the role of homeostasis in metabolic maintenance. The basic functions of the arterial, pulmonary, renal, menstrual, and other systems are organ systems, as is their importance to individual health improvement. The course comprises the following units:

The Cardiovascular System's Structure and Function:

  • An Overview of the Cardiovascular System
  • Circuits of the cardiovascular system
  • Anatomy of the heart
  • Coronary circulation and the heart wall
  • Microscopic anatomy of cardiac muscles

The heart's electrical activity:

  • The conduction system of the heart
  • Action potentials, conduction, and contraction
  • The cardiac cycle
  • cardiovascular output
  • Control of cardiac output via homeostasis:

Blood vessels, the circulatory system, and lymphatics:

  • The structure and functions of blood vessels
  • Exchange of capillaries
  • Blood pressure, resistance, and flow.
  • The lymphatic system

The Respiratory System's Structure and Function:

  • An Overview of the Respiratory System
  • The lungs and breathing
  • An Overview of Pulmonary Ventilation

Lung volumes, capacity, and respiratory control:

  • Mechanical pulmonary ventilation
  • Dimensions and carrying capacity
  • Exchange of gases at the alveolar and systemic levels
  • Transportation by gas
  • Breathing management

Structure and Function of the Digestive System:

  • An Overview of the Digestive System
  • Histology of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Actions of the oral cavity, salivary glands, and teeth
  • Actions in the pharynx, esophagus, stomach, and intestine
  • The function of secondary digestive organs like the pancreas and gallbladder

What are the 1808NRS Human Anatomy and Physiology Course Learning Objectives?

Students who successfully complete the BTM311 course will be able to learn the following:

  • Use correct language, describe major anatomical features, and explain the essential physiological mechanisms of the systems:
  • Describe the multifactorial factors that contribute to homeostasis, such as: a. b. metabolic temperature range; and c. balance of fluid, electrolytes, and acid-base.
  • Discuss the impact of homeostasis on human nutritional needs as well as the consequences for food and activity.

Textbook for 1808NRS Human Anatomy and Physiology Course:

If you possess the correct study material to read the proper material for your tests, then it becomes really easy to grasp the topics. Here are several resources recommended by specialists who give Anatomy Assignment Help. Reading such resources voraciously is a tried-and-true approach to expanding your knowledge of a subject:

  • O Loughlin, V., Bidle, T., McKinley, M. (2016). Anatomy Physiology: An Integrative Approach. 2nd edition. New York: McGraw-Hill.
  • Human Anatomy Physiology II Workbook will be located on the1808NRS course website on the Griffith College Student Portal.

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1808NRS Assessment Answers

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Anatomy. Human anatomy is the investigation of the architecture of the body, whereas physiology is the examination of the way this architecture performs.

It is a discipline of science that studies the organs, bones, tissues, and cells found in animals and humans. Physiology is a complementary scientific study that helps us comprehend the activities of many regions of the human body, but knowing anatomy is required for physiology.

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