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This course explores how individuals interpret violence and the human experience of war and displacement. It studies genocide, human rights violations, and the effects of conflict on civilians to recent problematized forms of violence. After that, students examine key elements of forced migration, such as human trafficking, living in refugee camps, and arbitrary imprisonment.

Examining how exposure to injustice and violence affects communities long after it has occurred is the next step in the course. The ramifications for civilizations with high refugee settlement rates and for communities trying to create lasting peace after a conflict are discussed as the essay comes to a close. There are several online services to provide you with unit 2715LHS assessment answers and help you get through the course.

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2715LHS Assessment Answers

What is Conflict-induced Displacement?

War is inevitably accompanied by displacement, which is one of the biggest humanitarian issues of our day. The physical and emotional health of displaced persons frequently deteriorates. They risk losing their freedom, feeling frightened, not having access to basic services, and being at higher risk of both services and violence. Displacement also impacts host communities, particularly if they lack the necessary resources and preparation.

In the title, "forced migration" or "displaced persons" refers to a broad category of people subject to various conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize the risks of generalizing such a varied population in any discussion of displacement and to provide various exile experiences with the space to influence repatriation or integration processes in any period of transition.

The daily impact of violence on civilians is growing, and there has been a lot of debate about that, which is certainly relevant to any discussion of displacement. It is vital to consider some of the conspicuous patterns of violence in the context of forced relocation, even if it is well outside the scope of this study to deal with such a broad and complicated phenomenon in any meaningful way.

2715LHS assessment answers

What is Human Rights Violation?

No state has the power to provide human rights; they are advantages that we are bestowed with by nature. We are all endowed with these universal rights, irrespective of gender, race, nation, ethnicity, color, religion, heritage, or any other distinction. The right to life is the most fundamental, and the rights to food, clothing, shelter, employment, healthcare, and freedom are the most significant.

Human rights are violated when legitimate freedoms of expression and assembly are denied. The authority or leadership of civilization usually disparages people who are denied their rights. It keeps poverty and injustice alive. The belief that all human lives are not equally important permeates society.

Types of human rights violations

  1. Directly or internationally - The state may willfully violate the law or fail to take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening. When a state violates a person's human rights, a number of parties may become involved, including law enforcement, judicial staff, prosecutors, and elected politicians. Police brutality is one instance of a physically violent violation of a person's rights, but other rights, such as the right to a fair trial, can also be violated verbally.
  2. The states failure to protect - It results from conflict within society between individuals or organisations. If the state does not intervene to protect less powerful people and organisations, it is involved in the atrocities.

Effects of Displacement

The lives of persons internally displaced, the host communities they live in, and the people they leave behind are all impacted in various ways. Threats to their physical security, general wellness, and human rights are the most urgent. Their socioeconomic development may also be significantly and permanently impacted.

Thus, some of the concrete effects of displacement are summarised below -

  1. Health - Most frequently, when individuals leave their homes, it is because continuing to do so would seriously jeopardize their safety. However, it can harm people's physical and emotional health, especially if it's unanticipated, poorly managed, or lasts a long time. There are many and frequently similar reports of these impacts on the physical and mental health of internally displaced persons (IDPs), which enables the identification of common dangers.
  2. Livelihood - When individuals are forced to leave their homes and properties, they frequently lose valuables. Additionally, they might not be able to continue doing their previous jobs, which could result in underemployment, unemployment, informal labour, and a major decline in income. Reduced availability of food and increased hunger may result from lost livelihoods. As a result, the prevalence of pregnancy and STIs may increase. It may also make people unable to afford contraception or encourage them to use transactional sex.
  3. Housing and Infrastructure - IDPs are frequently compelled to reside in unsanitary camps, communal shelters, or unofficial urban settlements where disease transmission rates might rise due to overcrowding and poor sanitation. People who already have impairments are severely impacted by insufficient housing and infrastructure, which can worsen their health and standard of living.
  4. Social Life - IDPs' mental health may be significantly impacted by the upheaval of internal relocation, which includes disturbance of the social environment and separation from home, family, and friends. It may cause or exacerbate disorders like anxiety, sadness, and others; in some circumstances, it can even result in drug misuse. Displacement also cuts individuals apart from their local social networks, which may have assisted them in finding employment or financial support.
  5. Livelihoods - People who are internally displaced are cut off from their homes, jobs, social networks, assets, possessions, and sources of goods and services. IDPs frequently compete with local employees for jobs in their host communities, and their presence also raises demand for products and services, which might lead to a rise in costs.
  6. Education - Children who experience internal displacement can miss months or even years of school and are cut off from their friends, instructors, and classmates. To make up for lost time and deal with the stress and trauma of their displacement, students must return to school when possible, whether in their town of origin, the host region, or a camp.
  7. Security - One of the top issues for IDPs and host communities is frequently mentioned as security. Internal displacement has a variety of unique security consequences, in addition to problems with the catastrophe, war, or violence that first caused their escape.

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2715LHS Assessment Answers

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