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The purpose of this topic is to increase understanding and awareness of different cultures, isolation, and power relations in modern Australian culture. Students are introduced to and required to understand ideas of whiteness, ethnicity, community, diversity, et power relations. Individual tasks allow students to think through the applications of these principles in relation to specific groups and societal problems in the Australian context.

Students must be accredited at The Australian University at all times. Enrollment in this university-level course requires the completion of 40 college credits from the prerequisite disciplines listed in the programming language. Students must have taken or be registered in the necessary topics stated in the framework in order to take part in the Diploma in Social Science Expanded.

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700140 assessment answers

Topics Covered in this Course

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  • Concepts of culture, cultural difference and identity;
  • Narratives of identities and difference;
  • Understanding of power, power relations, and power positioning in the context of cultural diversity.
  • Whiteness as an authoritative structure and identity site
  • Historical and sociological perspectives on cultural distinctions and power dynamics in Australia
  • The historical significance of interactions between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians
  • Intercultural discourses in Australian history in the twentieth century
  • Consideration of good practice, policy, and research on managing cultural diversity; Gender, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and place as identifiers of difference in the Australian context.

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700140 Assessment Answers

Learning Outcomes of the Course

After completing the course successfully, students will be capable in:

  • Current ideas and conceptions of culture, identity, difference, and power should be articulated.
  • Identifying the historical and social contexts of cultural differences and power relations in Australia through personal accounts and readings.
  • Describing whiteness as a system of authority and a site of identity.
  • Explaining the history of traditional aboriginal interactions in Australia, as well as the implications for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today.
  • Assessing various multicultural methods and practices in modern Australia's history.

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700140 assessment answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is vital that we become aware of our own attitudes and perspectives on diversity. It is wrong to categorize cultural groups because it ignores inherent individuality and may impede the formation of significant ties with others.

Cultural differences influence mannerisms, motions, attitudes, conversation, etiquette, and norms, which can lead to misunderstanding. For example, eye contact is highly appreciated in certain cultures yet deemed hostile and offensive in others.

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