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But before that, let's know about the topic. In the course, students will explore the techniques and the practice of designing several types of user experiences. The emergency situations and technologies come up with a great impact on experiencing reading practices and consuming media forums.

Students will also get to know about the dynamic situations that introduce user-designing experiences created by humans with agile environments that help to leverage several types of emerging technologies, mobile devices as well as consumer electronics.

Where to search things to learn about using visual communication, navigation design, flow, semiotic hierarchy, Information flow, as well as data getting, negotiated with research consultation and practical knowledge? This course comes with strategies, production, and design procedures that help to capitalize on several types of trendy and current developments. Students will also focus on implementing, and understanding practices of digital project management, design patterns, framing, and several types of visual Designing come when they work with adobe creative suite.

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ADV205 Assessment Answers

Learning Outcomes of this Course -


Here are the Learning Outcomes (LO) for this course. Successful students will be able to do after the completion of this course to:

Ultimate learning results


Show that you have a theoretical understanding of the design method that is involved in the construction of user experience design.

Discipline-specific knowledge capabilities


Demonstrate analytical thinking critical thinking when assessing a design.

Analytical thinking


Make use of design-thinking techniques that help to find solutions to several problems connected to the design results.

Problem-solving techniques


Participate actively in productive teamwork that helps to realize desired design results


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What are the Research Techniques?

The Efficient concept research, Pretesting, Advertising Strategy Research and Post-testing processes include -

  1. Advertising Research methods
    • Product theory definition
    • Media Selection
    • Target audience preference
    • Consumer behavior usage surveys
    • Message elementary Selection
    • Qualitative consultations
    • Media Studies
  2. Innovative Concept Studies (when the agency production starts)
    • Name testings
    • Slogan testings
    • Statement-comparison experiments
    • Free-assoc. experiments
    • Concept tests
    • Qualitative interviews
  3. Prior testing (while finishing artworks photography)
    • Name tests
    • Concept tests
    • Qualitative interviews
    • Free-assoc. testing
    • Slogan tests
    • Statement-comparison testing
  4. Aspects of Post-testing(when the campaign will run)
    • Customer attitude changes
    • Advertising cogency
    • Aided recall
    • Inquiry testing
    • Saling increases
    • Unaided recollection
    • Sales testing

Primary secondary data

  • Primary data - Research data progressed quickly from a marketplace.
  • Secondary Data - The data which has recently been published or collected.

Quantitative data vs. Qualitative data

  • Quantitative data - Quantitative research uses surveys with bigger sample sizes that are representative of the population in order to measure certain market characteristics.
  • Qualitative data - Research that investigates the behavior, attitudes, needs, motivations of a target market by using in-depth examinations of small, non-random samples.

Process of Research steps -

First, Situation analysis problem definition

Second, proper research

  • External secondary information
  • Internal secondary information

Third, constructing research purposes.

Fourth, primary Research techniques.

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative

Fifth, reporting and interpreting findings

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ADV205 Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The fundamental process of acquiring UX design needs (also known as UX requirements) includes interviews, conversations, & document collection for designers to discover what they require for a project & why.

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