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Get Advanced Network Design Homework Help Now!

In this day and age, advanced networking has become the backbone of the digital world. Being a crucial topic, it is an important subject for university students pursuing IT courses.

Are you trying to find the right resource who can guide you for your assignment? Let’s take one step at a time. Here, we will discuss the various types of advanced networking and talk about how you can get high-quality Advanced Network Design Homework Help.

The unit on Advanced Network Design targets the B.Net program’s learning goals and supplement other programs in a relevant sector by enhancing students’ expertise in network architecture, design and application techniques.

Students often wonder where they can find high-quality mentoring help with assignment solutions on Advanced Network Design.

Advanced Network Design Homework Help Australia

Advanced Network Design Course Topics

Mentioned below are the various topics that are discussed in the unit:

advance design network homework help

Advanced Network Design Learning Outcomes

To complete this unit successfully, students may comprehend the following aspects:

  • Assess the importance of advanced networks and their conventions
  • Ability to analyse the importance of network architecture
  • Develop suitable network implementation structures and standards
  • Apply human factor principles and theories associated with the development of network application.
  • Compare measurements of performance and dimensions to the requirements

What Are The Different Types Of Networks?

Let’s now discuss the types of networks that are used in personal and commercial environments. You may already be familiar with some of these terms as they are a part of our daily requirements.

Advanced Network Design Homework Help Australia

Local Area Network (LAN)

  • Local Area Network is a group in a local area of buildings and offices connected.
  • LAN is used to link multiple personal computers using a twisted pair, a coaxial cable, and more.
  • Based on affordable gear such as hubs, adapters and LAN cables, it is less expensive.
  • The data in the local area network is transported at an incredibly quick rate.
  • LAN offers good security.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

  • A Wide Area Network (WAN) is a network that spans a vast geographical area, such as many states or countries.
  • A Wide Area Network is much larger in scale than LAN.
  • A Wide Region Network (WAN) is not restricted to one site but rather covers a broad area through a telephone line, fibre optic cable, or satellite links.
  • A Wide Area Network (WAN) is widely utilised in commercial settings, educational institutions and government operations.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

  • WLANs, which function similarly to LANs, equip wireless network technology such as
  • Wi-Fi. These networks, which are commonly used in the same applications as LANs, do not involve equipment to access the web via physical cables.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

  • These connections are usually bigger than LANs
  • They combine features from both kinds of networks. MANs cover a large geographical area.
  • A single person or business is in charge of possession and servicing.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

  • These connections do not depend on a LAN or WAN because they are high-speed network that links common reservoirs of storage systems to many servers.
  • Instead, they relocate memory resources aside from the system and within their high-performance network.
  • SANs can be made available in a similar way a drive tied to a server can.
  • Storage-area networks (SANs) are classified into three types: converged, virtual, and unified.

What’s An IP?

An IP address is a one-of-a-kind identifier for a device on the internet. IP is an abbreviation for "Internet Protocol," a set of guidelines that oversee the information from a database sent through the internet or a local network.

IP addresses are the determiners that enable data to be sent among devices on a network: they constitute site data and help devices communicate with one another. The internet requires a method to distinguish between different pcs, routers, and internet sites.

Networking Devices

Here’s a list of networking devices that are commonly used for commercial and domestic purposes:

Router: Routers are smart networking devices that hold network data for all hosts on the network.

Hub: A hub is a device that connects various communication devices. It can be used for both analogue and digital data. They simply transfer data that is sent to them without any processing.

Switch: A switch is a networking device that improves a network's reliability and effectiveness. A transition in the network OSI model can operate at either the Data Link Layer (Layer 2) or the Network Layer (Layer 3).

Gateway: A gateway is a networking device that operates at the Transport Layer. They are used to link multiple devices.

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