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Anatomy is termed as the branch of life sciences that helps people gain a clear description of all the interior organs and organ systems. Anatomy is the study of interior parts of a living organism. The field of anatomy is quite wide and the coursework of universities regarding anatomy includes a study on different aspects of living organisms that include physiological anatomy, comparative anatomy, human anatomy and anthropological anatomy. Crafting a wonderful assignment for such topics can be somehow troublesome for many students and this is a situation where Anatomy assignment help service exists.

  • Physiological Anatomy: It is also commonly known as functional anatomy. The study deals with the study of different organs and organ systems of an organism with respect to their organized function in the living system.
  • Human Anatomy: Study of anatomy with a prime focus on human body parts.
  • Anthropological Anatomy: It is otherwise known as physical anthropology and falls under the expertise of anatomists. It deals with analysis and study of different anatomical features of humans and human ancestors and aids excessively in the study of evolution.
  • Comparative Anatomy:Topics included in the subject of comparative anatomy focuses on microscopic differences in the anatomy of different species for a parallel analysis in the understanding the homology and analogy of origin of anatomical features.
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Understanding of these subjects requires a detailed understanding of the subject matter and demands critical thinking of brain and analysis. Students thus prefer to seek help from anatomy assignment service.

The field of anatomy also requires the study of gross anatomy and microanatomy.

  • Gross anatomy: Study of gross anatomy deals with organs as a whole, at a macro level. It is crucial as it allows understanding of surgical implications and the association of body with medical devices
  • Micro anatomy: Micro anatomy deals with the structure of cells and tissues. These studies are known as cytology and histology respectively.

A core understanding of cellular and molecular biology is also needed to complete the assignments which require expertise and a theoretical as well as an analytical approach. Anatomy assignment help in Australia thus helps students to achieve good score by submitting a well structured, highly descriptive and a detailed assignment report.

Organs and Organ systems under anatomical study:

The animal body structure consists of different organs and organ systems that are careful studies in the study of anatomy. These are:

  • Skeletal system: The anatomical study of bones and joints that are present in the animal system is done in the study of the skeletal system. The function of skeletal system is to protect the body, provide physical support, and attach different organs of the body with each other. The anatomy of a skeletal system is further classified into the axial skeletal system and appendicular skeletal system.
  • Immune system: The immune system of the body is also defined as the defence system of an organism as it protects the body against the invading pathogens. The immune system functions through the antigen-antibody reaction and thus helps organisms remain healthy. Integumentary system: The organs that are present as the outer covering of the body and act as physical barriers against different diseases constitute the integumentary system. External organs like hair nail and skin constitute the system.
  • Digestive system: Study of organs that are involved in the digestion of food, nutrient absorption and waste excretion from the system are studied under the digestive system.
  • Respiratory system: The system organs that are involved in the process of respiration that is, exchange of gases through inhalation and exhalation of air are studied under the respiratory system. The main organs of the respiratory system are lungs, alveoli, bronchi, windpipe etc. Nursing students willing to get in-depth knowledge of Anatomical study can contact our writers who are best-known for catering anatomy assignment help in Australia.

Several Universities Offering This Course

There are several universities offering this course;

  • La Trobe University - HBS102 Introduction to anatomy
  • University of Western Australia - MJD-ANHBY Anatomy and Human Biology
  • Swinburne University - BIO10004 Anatomy and physiology
  • University of South Australia - Human Anatomy 101 HLTH 1030
  • University of Queensland - Human Anatomy BIOM2020
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Human Anatomy Assignment Help Services in Australia

Human anatomy is not only important for one to understand basic construction and the functioning of the human body but also to analyse the impact of medicines and medical procedures that are provided to the patient. It is a complex subject and thus requires the need for detailed knowledge of not only the organ systems but also the biochemistry of these systems. Anatomy Assignment Help make sure that the assignment reflects the best of student and help him achieve a top grade. The subject of anatomy is studied in detail by biology students, nursing and medical students. Assignment writing assistance for students like nurses and medical students through nursing assignment services is not only a way to save time, but also to provide a high-quality assignment for assessment.

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