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Anatomy is a branch of biology that deals with studying the interior parts of a living body. Anatomy can be categorized as plant anatomy, human anatomy and animal anatomy. Here, we will be focusing on human anatomy.

Students pursuing this comprehensive course of anatomy have to study distinct tissues, structures, or organs of humans and other organisms. They will gain knowledge related to the complete functioning of the human body. In addition to theoretical knowledge, they will have to develop practical knowledge by learning the operation of optical instruments as well as new technologies including x-ray, ultrasound and sonography to examine the human body.

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Main Sections Of Anatomy

Most of the time, anatomy is being confused with physiology. However, you must always keep in mind that anatomy deals with the internal parts of a living organism and, on the other hand, physiology deals with the functions of distinct parts either individually or in integration with other parts. The two main sections of anatomy include:

Gross anatomy:deals with studying the internal structure or parts of the living organism which you can easily view from a naked eye. Earlier, dissection was required necessarily in the case of gross anatomy. Nevertheless, now with the invention of distinct scientific instruments, it can be studied by either inducing a small incision in an external body part or affixing some medical devices.

Micro anatomy:refers to the study of cells (cytology) and tissue structures (histology) that constitutes a particular organ. To execute the microscopic study, distinct microscopic instruments like the electron microscope, simple microscope or compound microscope are required. Thus, a tiny sample of cells or tissues from particular areas assists in performing the microanatomy of any particular organ.

Classification Of Anatomy Based On Distinct Systems

Different systems of living organisms are carefully included in the study of anatomy systems.

Digestive system:

The study of different organs involving absorption, digestion or excretion of food lies under the digestive system. Such organs of the digestive system begin right from the mouth ending up in the intestine.

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Immune system:

The organs constituting the immune system (i.e. defence system) protects against several bacteria, fungi, infections, viruses, which on entering the human body disturbs the normal functioning of the system.

Integumentary system:

Organs (such as skin, hair, nails) in direct contact with the environmental conditions or are available at the outer lining of the body constitute the Integumentary system. Want to learn more? Get connected with our highly professional Anatomy Systems Academic Assistance through Online Tutoringer.

Respiratory system:

Organs involved in the respiration process lie under the category of the respiratory system which consists of lungs, muscles and airway.

Skeletal system:

The skeletal system involves the study of bones as well as joints since this system supports, prevents and attaches distinct body organs. The skeletal system anatomy has been classified further into the axial skeletal system (comprising 80 bones) as well as the appendicular skeletal system (comprising 126 bones).

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