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Get To Know About Appendicitis Appendectomy Case Study Help

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appendicitis appendectomy case study help

Appendicitis is a common situation of vermiform appendix inflammation in humans, and its surgical removal is known as appendectomy. The appendix is a small and hollow pouch situated at the bottom of the caecum part of the large intestine, usually at the lower-right corner of the abdomen. As it has a small lumen, it is more prone to obstruct substances developed from hard faecal material, resulting in inflammation and infection.

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appendicitis appendectomy case study help

How Do You Plan For Nursing Care Study Of Appendectomy

There is no specific and definitive diagnostic test for appendicitis. The preliminary diagnosis is usually based on observation and judgement of patient condition. If a patient has pain in the lower right side of the abdomen supplemented by nausea, appendicitis could be suspected. Appendectomy, which is described as removing a swollen appendix, is the best treatment and management of acute appendicitis.

The nursing care plan serves as a systematic guideline to patient health care and involves basic five steps to be followed:

  • Assessment: It is the primary step and includes the critical thinking process of data collection, for example, pain level, laboratory findings, patients’ vital signs in surgery preparation, so on. It can be both subjective and objective assessment type of the patients.
  • Diagnosis: Formulating nursing care diagnostic plans by including clinical verdicts assists in proper appendicitis nursing care management. For example, acute pain, low liquid volume, infection risk.
  • Planning: It is the stage where clinical outcomes are formulated to directly influence patient health, keeping in mind the evidence-based practice guidelines. For example, reducing pain and anxiety and attaining an optimal nutritional value for patients with appendicitis.
  • Implementation: This step involves the actions carried out by nursing interferences outlined in the care plan—for example, antibiotic treatment and oral fluid supplementation.
  • Evaluation: This is the final step of the nursing procedure to ensure whether the desired outcome has been met. It is crucial to implement a care plan to get the best positive clinical development for the patients. For example, relaxed pain reduced anxiety and attained optimum nutritional value.

What Are You Expected To Learn From Appendicitis Nursing Care Management

Understanding nursing care objectives are essential for accomplishing academic activities, which carries a significant proportion of your overall allocation. The main objectives of these assessments are to develop an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of disciples; hence after successful completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • To attain important information about the patient and their condition.
  • To evaluate the patients’ complete health condition.
  • To demonstrate the patients’ healthcare requirements through the whole data collected about them.
  • To help the patients in recovery and discharge processes.
  • To guide patients’ regarding vital health care management.
  • To impart proper appendicitis nursing care management to the patients’.
  • To broaden the students’ knowledge and skills about nursing care through appropriate research about the disease, symptoms, pathophysiology, diagnosis and management.

What Are The Recommendations After The Appendectomy Surgery?

Appendectomy is usually carried out urgently to remove the swollen appendix as a distorted appendix can cause potentially life-threatening complications in the body such as peritonitis, etc. When the appendectomy procedure is finished, the patients are kept under observation for few hours before relieving from the hospital premises.

Some of the things that need to be remembered after appendectomy surgery:

  • Follow the nutritional advice after surgery.
  • Consume plenty of water after surgery to prevent the risk of constipation.
  • Ensure to have complete rest after surgery as inadequate lifestyle and diet will hamper recovery.
  • Evade lifting heavy items to protect from stress to your abdominal muscles.
  • After few days, start doing regular and moderate exercises.
appendicitis appendectomy case study help appendicitis appendectomy case study help

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How To Answer An Appendectomy Assignment Sample Online

Example of the appendectomy assessment task for your reference:

appendicitis appendectomy case study assignment sample appendicitis appendectomy case study assignment samples

An example of an appendectomy assessment answers for your reference:

appendicitis appendectomy case study help solution appendicitis appendectomy case study solutions

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