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Concept Of Applied Mathematics

The term applied mathematics refers to all those mathematical ways, tools and means that can be used in the analysis of problems and providing solutions related to the area of applied or social sciences.

Many mathematical methods have been effective in the study of problems in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, social sciences, administration, engineering, economics, finance, ecology, among others.

Currently, there is already a university degree that focuses on the study of applied mathematics thanks to the great diversity of fields in which it participates such as physics, biology, engineering, etc. But also, it is a modality that is chosen during the academic courses of Australian Universities. This option is chosen according to the student's desire to guide their professional career. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account what processes, methods, and attitudes are.

How Is Applied Mathematics Different From Academic Mathematics?

Although both mathematics share many characteristics and objects of study in common, we can say that those oriented to mathematical teachings are strengthened both in practical elements as well as application in practice in real situations. It is usually chosen to do high school. While applied mathematics places greater emphasis on practical application. This type of mathematics is more oriented for those people who wish to study after Professional training.

Although it is not necessary to have to choose academic mathematics to complete high school, that is, it does not matter which modality you choose. Although it is true that with applied mathematics it will be easier for you to follow the mathematical rhythm in higher courses.

Applied Maths assignment help Applied Maths assignment help

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The Importance Of Mathematics In Management

Mathematics is a very ancient science, the first mathematical aspects and numerical symbolism appeared as intellectual abstractions of the counting operation. As society evolves, it is increasingly common to satisfy a series of needs by solving problems in science, technology, and everyday life, ranging from how to model certain aspects of a scientific problem.

The mathematics is applied to the company for resolving the problems of a particular area so it is nectarine a continuous educational renewal since nowadays the business world needs people qualified for the following functions: problem identification, troubleshooting, and definition of strategies. In short, mathematical theory seeks to build mathematical models capable of simulating real situations in the company.

Examples Of Applied Mathematics In Management:

Mathematical theory is concerned with creating mathematical models capable of managing real situations in the company. The creation of the models is mainly oriented towards solving problems that arise in decision-making. Therefore, as an example, we can mention the field of operations research that adapts the scientific method where it pays more attention to objective judgment than to subjective judgment. The operations research remains a closely related relationship with decision-making in the field of administration whereas:

  • The systematic vision of the problem to be solved.
  • Agreement regarding the use of the scientific method in solving the problem.
  • Use of specific techniques of statistics, probability, and mathematical modelling to help decision-makers to solve problems.
  • Models are used to represent simplifications of reality. Its advantage is that it allows manipulation, by simulating complex and difficult real situations through the simplification of reality.

Examples of applied mathematical areas:

  • Calculation.
  • Linear algebra.
  • Probability theory.
  • Mathematical statistics.
  • Operations research.
  • Complex analysis / Complex variable.
  • Fourier analysis.
  • Dynamic systems.
  • Control theory.
  • Optimization.
  • Discrete mathematics.
  • Functional analysis.
  • Calculation of variations.

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