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ARBE3306 Building Fire Safety and Compliance Assessment Answer

The course of building fire safety and compliance is based on the understanding of building regulations, fire safety measures, fire dynamics, risk assessment, and human behaviour. Students also develop knowledge regarding the practical design phenomenon acquired by the industry.

ARBE3306 building fire safety and compliance assignment help

Students enrolled in this course have to explore the evaluation, principles and provision of recommendations in association with the fire safety performance.
They are assigned heaps of mandatory assessments and homework assignments with strict deadlines.

These assessments require various approaches to analyse, design and manage fire safety systems with specific emphasis on the quantitative approach. Generally, find it hard to apply probabilistic risk assessment technology in a quantitative approach that depends upon the historical information for assessing the ERL i.e. expected risk to life, safety and expected costs.

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arbe3306 building fire safety and compliance assessment answers

Top Universities in Australia Offering Fire Safety and Compliance Course

  • Victoria University
  • University of New Castle
  • The University of Queensland
  • Western Sydney University
  • The University of Sydney
  • Griffith University
  • University of South Australia
  • Bond University
  • National Careers Institute

All these institutes offer either fire engineering or fire and safety engineering courses intending to make the students completely understand fire engineering during the designing andconstruction of buildings.

Course Curriculum

The fire and safety course generally covers the following topics:

  • Causes of fire
  • Products and fire hazards
  • Chemistry of fire
  • Computer software packages for predicting fire behaviour
  • Fire simulated behaviour of several construction materials
  • Fire load
  • Levels of fire resistance
  • Material properties and fire resistance tests
  • Means of escape
  • Passive measures of fire protection including compartmentalisation, segregation and envelope protection
  • Active fire protection methods including fire extinguishers, fire hydrants
  • Sprinkler systems, smoke and fire detection systems, alarm systems and smoke controllers
  • Fire engineering and processes of an alternate solution
  • Up-gradation of existing buildings.

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arbe3306 building fire safety and compliance assignment help

Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, students will readily:

  • Perform the probabilistic risk assessment of either simulated or real systems.
  • Perform the analysis of the performance requirements of the Australian Building Codes and the building’s fire safety issues.
  • Generate a structure for a fire safety engineering assessment.
  • Review and quantify conceptual designs in correlation with the building’s fire safety.

Students pursuing this course have to necessarily submit 2-3 assessments (reports, presentation) having a weightage of around 60%. To complete the assessments, students will have to use quantitative as well as qualitative techniques, performance-dependent designs of building, and showcase compliance with standards of BCA. Our best assignment writing service in Australia is always at your service to drive all your worries and help you score the best grades.

Job Opportunities

There are numerous job opportunities in various fast-growing companies/organisations with several benefits. Some of the job titles have been listed below:

  • Fire Safety Compliance Auditor
  • Fire Engineer
  • Fire Safety Engineer
  • Senior system and safety Assurance Engineer
  • Fire Protection Engineer – Consultant
  • Fire Services Engineer
  • Business Development Manager | Fire
  • Fire protection designer

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Discussion Forums

There are several discussion forums like the fire protection association and society of fire safety for subscribed members as well as non-members. Such forums are a formal means to get in touch with the professionals worldwide who are engaged in fire safety, to work together, have fruitful discussions, plan, and share the latest information. These discussion forums share the latest information to provide leadership and national focus for the understanding, development, and practice and fire safety applications to attain minimizations of life risks, property and damage of environment and the execution of cost-effective codes of fire safety and regulations.

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Peer-Reviewed Research Review About Fire Safety and Compliance

The fire safety implementation in the case of the built environment is conventionally a prescriptive phenomenon. The objective is to prevent life from a fire hazard. Buildings are therefore constantly being retrofitted to get updated to new requirements of code. These requirements of code are deemed to make provisions of an acceptable safety level as it is discerned today.

The complication is that compliance refers to safe and any building which is not compliant to code to the present prescriptive requirements, is considered to be unsafe and must be retrofitted (Torero, 2019). However, buildings can’t be retrofitted many times and thus, codes make provisions for grandfathering structures that are not compliant and for the utilisation of performance-dependent tools.

In the case of historic buildings, building involves a contextual value that is generally unaccountable by codes. The solution for historic buildings’ fire safety needs a performance assessment to explicitly demonstrate that the vital objectives of fire safety have been met (Kincaid, 2018). For historic buildings, the goals of fire safety are inclusive of life safety and also proper protection of patrimony (Bernardini, 2017).

Presently, the profession of Fire Safety Engineering possesses proper tools to execute such analyses, permitting unprecedented freedom in which appropriate safety levels are delivered (Lange et al., 2021). To implement such tools, it is important to understand that safety is not attained by compliance only and compliance does not refer to safety. Several historic buildings possess characteristics that make them safe inherently despite being non-compliant with present codes.

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Our Experts Discuss the Approach They Follow While Drafting Fire Safety and Compliance Assignment

Our highly qualified and experienced experts follow the below-mentioned approach to draft the best ARBE3306 assessment answer:

  • They check the type of assignment (essay, case studies, literature review, report, etc) and frame the solution accordingly.
  • They note down the desired referencing style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc).
  • They look for the required formatting style before commencing the assignment solution.
  • They carefully note down the overview of the assignment and then prepare a draft after conducting in-depth research by considering authentic sources.
  • They write the assignment solution by strictly following the marking rubrics provided by the university.
  • They comprehensively discuss the building characteristics (including a rise in storeys, classifications, effective height, etc).
  • They carefully outline the FRL’s of the elements of building elements.
  • They create an effective framework including non-compliance with explanation, relevant performance requirements, methodology/approach proposed, relevant sub-systems of fire safety engineering.
  • They efficiently include the project scope, relevant stakeholders, dominant occupant characteristics, issues of non-compliance, specific objectives, and Hazards in addition to the preventative measures.
  • After completion of the assignment solution written in a perfect layout format with proper citation of references, experts forward the solution file to the proofreader and quality checkers.
  • The file is also checked through Grammarly software to avoid any grammatical mistakes.
  • Finally, the authenticity of the content is confirmed by generating a turn-it-in report.

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arbe3306 building fire safety and compliance assessment answer sample assignment arbe3306 building fire safety and compliance assessment answer sample assignments arbe3306 building fire safety and compliance arbe3306 building fire safety and compliance sjpg

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Bernardini, G. (2017).Fire safety of historical buildings: Traditional versus innovative “behavioural design” solutions by using wayfinding systems. Springer.

Kincaid, S. (2018). The upgrading of fire safety in historic buildings.The Historic Environment: Policy & Practice,9(1), 3-20.

Lange, D., Torero, J. L., Osorio, A., Lobel, N., Maluk, C., Hidalgo, J., ... & Brinson, A. (2021). Identifying the attributes of a profession in the practice and regulation of fire safety engineering.Fire Safety Journal, 103274.

Torero, J. L. (2019). Fire safety of historical buildings: principles and methodological approach.International Journal of Architectural Heritage,13(7), 926-940.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fire Safety Exit Signs and Fire Alarms.
  • Building Access and Emergency Evacuation Routes.
  • Preventative Inspections and Maintenance.
  • Practice Good Daily Habits.
  • Train Staff on Workplace Fire Prevention and Safety Measures.

The goals of fire protection are preventing property damage, loss of life, and downtime in the use of the building.

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