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Explore Archaeology With Archaeology Assignment Writing Service

The concept that deals with historic and pre-historic civilizations is known as Archaeology. The archaeologists study the ancient site for their research and analysis. Artefacts, architecture, sites, biofacts, and ecofacts are the archaeological records collected by the archaeologists.

  • It is considered as the field in both humanities and social science.
  • The different topics studied under archaeology are prehistoric archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, epigraphy, and palaeography.
  • The data used to analyze is collected by surveying and excavating. The exposing, processing, and recording the remains of archaeology is known as excavating.
  • There have been various cases of loots in the archaeological sites. Various other issues occur in archaeology.
  • There are several steps taken to protect the sites from wars, conflicts, and catastrophes.

Methods Used In Archaeology Briefed By Archaeology Assignment Writing Service

Remote sensing- Remote sensing in archaeology refers to acquiring the information from a site through physical contact. It is used before digging the site. Remote sensing is suitable for large sites. Passive and active are two types of remote sensing.

Field survey- The archaeologists survey the field for the remains or proofs of ancient times. It is a systematic survey done to locate the features of the archaeological site. It is an effective and efficient method in archaeology. The different types of field surveys are aerial surveys, surface surveys and geophysical survey.

Excavation- The exposing, processing, and recording the remains of archaeology is known as excavating. The sites vary from several places for excavation. The research or excavation takes place for several years. The different concepts in the excavation are site formation, stratification, and phasing. Several methods are used in excavating to dig out information.

Analysis- After the excavation takes place. The findings are analyzed. The process of analyzing artefacts and sites is known as post-excavation analysis. It is one of the most time-consuming work for the archaeologists. The artefacts are cleaned, preserved, catalogued, studied, and compared to the published information.

Computational and virtual archaeology- With the upgrading technology, the archaeological sites are made using computer graphics. These graphics help to study the site. Different tools are used in the computational and virtual archaeology method.

Drones- Drones are used by the archaeologists around the globe. Drones help in speedy research and easy aerial spotting. It also consumes less time. Drones also help in protecting the sites from miners, builders, and squatters.

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Academic Sub-Disciplines Under Archaeology

Archaeology is subject to various disciplines. It is studied as social science, humanities, and a branch of anthropology. Some sub-disciplines of archaeology are:

Historical archaeology- The field of archaeology that studies ancient history with the help of written records is known as historical archaeology.

Ethnoarchaeology- The field that studies the modern social societies based on ancient societies is known as Ethnoarchaeology.

Experimental archaeology- In experimental archaeology, the aim is to test and generate the hypotheses of archaeology.

Archeometry- In archaeometry, the researchers carefully measure the artefacts, sites, and other findings.

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