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Do you know how many people are indulging in sports activities? Well, data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics found out that a total of 3.8 million people participated in some type of organised sport. This equates to over a quarter of the population aged 15 and up (23.4 percent). In 2020, 89 percent of adults [aged 15 and above] participated in sport or physical activity, with 54 percent of women and 69 percent of men participating in sport-related activities. 68 percent of the 71% of children who engaged in organised after-school activities did so in sports-related activities.

AST256 assessment answers

If you wish to know more about Australian sports culture and how it evolved, then you can pursue AST256 Sport In History course. Students pursuing this course generally require AST256 Sport In History assessment answer guidance. Don’t worry dear student. You can always approach us. We have the best assignment help experts in our team who can help you to complete the course profoundly. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for AST256 Sport In History assignment help.

What is the Content of this Course?

Are Australians unique in their sporting passions? The section examines the growth of sport since classical times, as well as its many social roles across time. Major changes in sports are studied in relation to societal political, social, cultural, religious, and economic changes. Throughout history, theories and interpretations of sport's place in society have been analysed, taking into account topics such as class, gender, ethnicity, and power. Students will be given the opportunity to pursue specific interests by using information and case studies from a variety of sports and countries. By the end of the unit, you should be able to tell whether the sport is merely a game.

List of Some Top Class Sports Association of Australia

Our AST256 Sport In History academic assistance services say that there are more than 100 sports associations actively working in the region. Some of them are pretty famous, and some are obscure. In order to give you more insightful information on this, we have added some names here. Take a look into it -

  • Air Sport Australia Confederation
  • Archery Australia Inc
  • Artistic Swimming Australia
  • Australian Billiards & Snooker Council
  • Australian Calisthenics Federation
  • Australian Eight Ball Federation
  • Australian Ice Racing Inc
  • Australian Karate Federation
  • Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association Inc
  • Australian Rugby League Commission
  • Australian Underwater Federation

What are the Learning Outcomes of this Course?

Our AST256 Sport In History assessment answer provider of Australia says that the course will help you to enhance your sports interest. You will be able to find out the history of sports in Australia and how it made this journey. Overall, we can say that the concept of sportsmanship will be clear after this course. Now check out the learning outcomes added here by our AST256 Sport In History assignment help experts-

  • In a variety of historical contexts, analyse the social, cultural, political, and/or economic impact of sport.
  • Synthesise key historiographical discussions about the role of sport in history in various parts of the world.
  • Examine the impact of various sports in a variety of temporal and topical contexts in a mindful and critical manner.
  • Construct ideas and arguments based on their own research and present them clearly and concisely in a non-text based media format.
AST256 assessment answers

Exciting Facts About Australian Sports

  • In 1866, Tom Wills captained a team of Aboriginal cricketers from western Victoria in front of 10,000 people at the MCG during a Boxing Day cricket tournament.
  • Many of the rules for AFL are thought to have been inspired by the Aboriginal game of Mangrook.
  • In 2006, 37 Victorians were admitted to hospitals for lawn bowls-related injuries, while eight others visited emergency rooms.
  • Until the 2000 Olympics, when they were upset by Australia in the 4 X 100-metre freestyle relay, the American 4 X 100-metre freestyle relay team had never been defeated.
  • The Socceroos trounced American Samoa 31-0 to set the world record for the greatest margin of victory in an international soccer match. That's one goal every THREE MINUTES on average.
AST256 assessment answers

Sample Assignments Done Under Guidance

We have helped numerous students to complete their assignments or projects. We provide the proper guidance from top to bottom. To give a clear understanding of this, we have added a snapshot of the assignment completed by a student under our expert's guidance.

AST256 assessment answers sample assignment AST256 assessment answers sample assignment 1

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Some Reference Materials for Completing the Course Easily

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  • Henningham, J. (1995). A profile of Australian sports journalists. ACHPER Healthy Lifestyles Journal, (149), 13-17.
  • Hallinan, Chris, and Barry Judd. "Indigenous studies and race relations in Australian sports." Sport in Society 15, no. 7 (2012): 915-921.
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  • Hallinan, Chris. "Assessing the sociology of sport: On indigeneity, politics of identity and Australian sports." International review for the sociology of sport 50, no. 4-5 (2015): 448-453.
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  • Vamplew, Wray. "Australian sports history: a research agenda." The International Journal of the History of Sport 6, no. 2 (1989): 252-255.

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Australian Rules Football is the most distinct from other sports and is also the most popular. In Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide, Aussie Rules is the most popular sport; rugby is more popular in Sydney and Brisbane.

"Our AusPlay survey lists 385 different sports and physical activities that Australians participate in, and you may only need to make a connection with one of them to improve your life." It's fascinating to observe how our participation in activities changes as we become older

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