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Significance of ATHE

ATHE also known as Award in Higher Education and Training provide a wide variety of qualifications, such as business administration and management, among others. ATHE students can cut the amount of time and money they spend to earn a degree by more than half. This is because ATHE has special agreements with a variety of universities that allow students to skip a full year of degree study for each level they achieve with ATHE.

ATHE is regulated by OFQUAL (regulatory body in England) and approved by the Knowledge Human Development Authority (KHDA). This allows students to access a variety of universities in the UK and any university in Australia, the USA, or Canada.

What all You Need To Know About ATHE Level 4 Tourism Management (Non-Visa Country Required) Before Attempting Assignment Making?

Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world, (due in part to increased globalization and international business travel) and these qualifications are in response to the growing demand for management skills, along with sector-specific knowledge.

The ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management is a 120-credit qualification and, like the 4 compulsory units and optional management units, there are 7 specialized units including the management of Tourist Attractions, passenger transport operations, the Development of Sustainable Tourism, Resort Management and Tourism of Special Interest.

Level 4 Degrees In Travel And Tourism

  • ATHE Level 4 Certificate in Travel and Tourism Management (30 credits)
  • ATHE Level 4 Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management (60 credits)
  • ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management (120 credits)
  • ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management

Compulsory Units (60 Credits)

The Travel and Tourism Sector A / 601/1740

The application of promotion techniques A / 503/7079

Communication skills L / 503/7071

People in Organizations T / 503/7078

Optional Units, (Group 1), (30 to 60 credits)

The Directorate of attractions for visitors A / 503/8149

Passenger Transport Operations M / 503/8150

Sustainable Tourism Development T / 503/8151

Tourist Destinations K / 601/1748

Operations Management tour T / 601/1753

Resort Management / 601/1754

Finance and Financing in the Travel and Tourism Sector J / 601/1742

Special Interest of Tourism M / 601/1752

Optional units, (Group 2), (0 to 30 credits)

Corporate Social Responsibility A / 503/7082

Resource Management F / 503/7083

Administrative Services J / 503/7084

Planning a Job-Based Project Team K / 503/7076

Planning a new risk business R / 503/7072

Customer Relationship Management T / 503/7081

Skills Employability A / 601/0992

Business Ethics M / 601/1024

Personal and Professional Development T / 601/0943

Company Law R / 601/1145

All of these requirements are designed for managers working in a variety of sectors and industries, and the following qualifications are especially for managers in the travel and tourism industry, which is very broad and diverse offering a wide range of opportunities for people with the right skills and knowledge.

ATHE Level 5 Travel And Tourism

ATHE Level 5 Certificate in Travel and Tourism Management (30 credits)

ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management (60 credits)

ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in ATHE Travel and Tourism Management (120 credits)

ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management Compulsory units (75 credits)

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