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BBA111 Organisational Behaviour assignment help

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What Are the Types of Organisational Behaviour?

Organisational behaviour is divided into four types which are also called the models of organisational behaviour. These are:

1. Autocratic model

Under this model, the managers give orders and employees have to follow them. The employees give higher performance because of the motivation or a liking towards the boss.

2. Custodial model

Under this model, welfare programs are introduced by the organisations to dissipate employees' insecurities and increase their dependency on the organisation.

3. Supportive model

Under this model, the management follows a supportive approach to help employees increase their output to satisfy both personal and professional goals.

4. Collegial model

This model supports a more open, participative, and collegial managerial approach in which the management and employees work as partners. The management makes the employees useful and needed.

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Why Pursue a Course in BBA111 Organisational Behaviour?

The knowledge of Organisational behaviour helps to maximise the organisation's output and employee satisfaction. Pursuing a course in the same lets a student develop an understanding of the different concepts of organisational behaviour, and skills to implement the correct one within the organisation.

For students, the course of organisational behaviour can be beneficial in the following ways.

  • To understand the classical and contemporary theories of Organisational behaviour by covering the topics of motivation, teamwork, learning, and culture.
  • The OB concepts and their use for modern organisations.
  • Applying of OB concepts to case studies.
  • To develop teamwork and presentation skills.

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BBA111 Organisational Behaviour assignment help

What Are The Major Aspects of Organisational Behaviour? Explained By BBA111 Organisational Behaviour Writing Service Providers

There are four major aspects of organisational behaviour and those are:

  • People - people who work to bring profits for the organisation and organisations that fulfil their needs in return.
  • Structure -Structure of an organisation includes the hierarchy that ensures a proper work process and the division of labour.
  • Technology- Technology plays a great role in the efficient working of an organisation. It automates the work and makes it done faster.
  • Environment - Organisations work under an environment which is important due to certain reasons a human resource, government agencies, competitors, political parties come from the organisation's environment.

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BBA111 Organisation Behaviour Assignment Help BBA111 Organisation Behaviour Assignment Help

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