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Over the years several academic circles have experienced sweeping changes when it comes to students' preferences regarding career choices. Revolution in Information Technology was one such instance, as was Data Mining. These days Blockchain Technology has become a highly sought-after course. However, students pursuing this course have found it be very interesting yet challenging especially when it comes to submitting qualitative assignments. If you are also facing such pitfalls please feel free to ask us for Blockchain Technology Assignment Help.

Blockchain Technology Assignment Help

Blockchain Technology Is Redefining The Way World Does Transactions

Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies are the next big thing. The way the financial transactions take place is going to change drastically. This demands familiarity with the domain of Blockchain Technology. Blockchain technology functions like a "˜digital ledger' and can store humongous details of transactional records without allowing them to be vulnerable to tampering or corruption by undesirable interventions. Needless to say, the knowledge about Blockchain Technology has changed the way business, banking and financial world operate. More and more students are opting for this subject and it requires lots and lots of investment in terms of time, effort, knowledge and expertise.

An extremely complex and intensive branch of study, as a student who has enrolled for this course you will have to be prepared for a series of the demanding and rigorous workflow. Assignments, case studies, research presentations, seminars, project submissions, not to say term papers and examinations will eat a chunk of your time and energy. Peer pressure, competition and need to secure high grades will be a mounting pressure. In a given Semester you would be, several times needing help with Blockchain Technology Assignment Help. In such a scenario, more often than not you will end up messing up project work, exams and whatnot. Take a deep breath, rationalise and focus - you must seek Blockchain Technology Assignment Help. The choice lies in choosing between an average assignment submission or hiring Blockchain Technology Assignment Experts to ease out the pressure woes and extend help with Blockchain Technology Assignment.

Blockchain Technology Assignment Help

Understanding the Core Concepts of Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain is defined by Eyal (2017) as the digital ledger. It is a concept that was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto and is now taking the world by a storm. Blockchain Technology helps to decentralize and digitalize any financial transaction. A very secure and hassle-free means of financial transaction it offers a very secure trade ecosystem. It allows the users to maintain an immutable record of every transaction from point zero to the last of transaction in any given case. The time-stamped series of transactions are secured to each other using cryptographic principles. This is referred to as provenance in financial parlance and helps reduce the risk of any fraudulent financial transactions. Remember a few points,

  • Cryptocurrency like BitCoin is not to be understood as being synonymous with Blockchain Technology. Instead, Bitcoin is the first decentralized, digital currency which makes use of Blockchain technology.
  • Data Stored in Digital Ledger is not always on the public domain. It could be on a private or a consortium domain too.
  • On the Blockchain Technology Network, not all users can be privy to other user's transaction details.
  • Blockchain Technology carries no transaction cost, it does need an infrastructural network but no transaction-related expenditures making it even more desirable asset as a technology.
  • Lastly, Blockchain Technology is here to stay. It is going to soon be present in all aspects of our financial trading, banking investment transactions. IBM, R 3 are few of the current Blockchain Technology service providers. More and more banks are graduating to this technology. Often Blockchain Technology is being cited as the New Internet.
Blockchain Technology Assignment Help

Uses of Blockchain Technology

Interestingly, Blockchain Technology use is not just restricted to making financial transactions less vulnerable to corruption. Rather, it can be and is being used for other practical purposes also - primarily for storing data.

  • Bank Use

This industry is growing more and more reliant on Blockchain Technology and also it stands to benefit the most. The sheer volume of bank transactions on any given day is staggering. However, with this technology, it is a matter of minutes before transactions are consummated with ease. Remember, Blockchain Technology never sleeps. This also implies huge savings as it saves a lot of time and resources. Santander a European bank and Capgemini a France based consultancy opine that almost close to twenty billion a year can be saved using Blockchain method.

  • Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology is the foundation of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin amongst a host of others.

  • HealthCare Uses

Healthcare records need to be maintained, are confidential and also kept safe from foul play. The tremendous amount of health care records can be easily stored by using this method. The health care professional and the patients can easily access the data as and when required.

  • Property Record's Use

Maintaining property Record's is a demanding, complex task. They might be needed and accessed even decades later to settle a property dispute. In such a scenario stacking data using blockchain technology concepts is coming very handy.

  • Uses in Smart contract

By generating a computer code through blockchain methods a smart contract can be designed. This helps to negotiate contracts and agreements of various kinds with relative ease and efficiency.

  • Uses in Voting

Election results are often rigged and tampered with. The voting process, if implemented with the help of Blockchain technology, would ensure a transparent method of conducting elections which are virtually fraudulent proof. Also, the time taken would be profoundly less.

  • Supply Chain Uses

One major industry, besides investment sector which stands to benefit drastically from Blockchain Technology, is the food industry. Often the food industry faces the challenge of maintaining health and ethical standards while the food products make the transition from farm to consumer's home.

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Blockchain Technology Assignment Help Blockchain Technology Assignment Help

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