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Many students question themselves as to what could they be possibly doing wrong. They tend to question the day-to-day activities that they have been doing for ages. Especially with college-going students, it is found that they are unable to live the perfect life. Problems like being broke all the time, doing all the domestic chores like buying grocery and other stuff takes a toll on them. The question is, is there a single framework, a set of rules that if followed by a student could lessen the pressure and lead them onto a successful road? The answer is yes!



Without any further chit-chat (not that we are never up for it?) let’s get going with what you came here for straight away. Recommended: Short Guide About SUBJECTIVE ASSIGNMENTS

1. Organisation

Let’s take it this way. What are the organisers on your study table for? So that you can manage and have easier and quicker access to the chaos of things, right? That is exactly the manner in which organisation benefits anyone who tries to tend towards the nirvana of organisation. So, when it counts the most, you do not make a fool out of yourself in front of HALF THE WORLD.



2. Aim at Something

Drawing reference from Game Of Thrones had Khaleesi ‘Dracarys-ed’ without taking aim while the army of the dead was shooting at Drogon, she could have been easily been brought down and ‘brushed’ into a White-Walking Khaleesi.



If you already know that there is going to be a research paper due for submission in about two months and you are going to have a wedding to attend midst that, plan and schedule your research paper input days and hours. Of if not, you could always let us know what you need doing in your research paper.

3. Participate in Class

You need to get your hand up in class! Bring those hands to the right use! Quit hesitation! Yes, these things could bother an introvert, but do you continue to want to be one, or would you like yourself to be a changed person and that too for better? For how long would you not participate? If yo do not participate, no one would know that you even exist, let alone that you came to the class! Actively take part in the activities that are there for the taking while you can. They are only for your overall development.

4. No One’s Perfect

There is no comparison between the acting skills of Leonardo Di Caprio from Titanic and The Revenant. The actor has matured in both life and skills since Rose left him to freeze! You see, the point we are trying to make is there’s a first time for everything. No one expects you to outperform the judge in the very first attempt. Neither should you expect that out of yourself! The homework assignments you are given in the name of your development are only meant to polish your skills. Do you not know that practice makes perfect, eh? Exactly. That’s exactly what it is. You don’t have to be a perfectionist. The demon would not call you if you were not! So, you need to chill.

5. Additional Sources of Study

This is the habit that your teachers, professors (the ones you dislike as well) always recommend you. They continuously ask you to reach out for the sky so that you do not have to face a situation wherein you lack knowledge. Thanks to the Silicon Valley giants that the world is there on your thumb-tips! Scroll up or down and read whatever you find informative and related to your course of study. Just do not overdo it all the time that you do not even have time to get a good sleep. To all the “lifters” out there, here’s a pro tip, most of all your muscles grow while you are asleep. This brings us to another habit in itself! assignments assignments

6. Goodnight!

Yes! You guessed it right! All of it comes from a good night’s sleep. If you do not sleep timely but keep on scrolling through the feed on Instagram even when you know you are sleepy and should try sleeping, just go for it. Let your phone sleep too! It needs to recharge just like you do. At the same time, you must be at par with your next day’s activities a day before or not just your alarm, but your day would be on a regular snooze!

7. Study Room

Make room for your studies. It is a scientifically proven fact that most of the students are able to grasp a major portion of their books in one or the other particular position. Studying Position. *Smirk* So, be it lying on your tummy, or a study table; make sure you acknowledge and identify the posture that suits you for best learning! Also, make sure that you distance yourself from all the distractions that you would have liked to do in place of studying through the wall clock. Recommended: Study Tips & Advice for University Students

8. Extra Co-Curricular

Be it for as short as 20 minutes a day, or a 2 hour session of some thing that makes the time fly, make sure you try and do it everyday! Working out, playing your favourite sport, giving your legs a shake, participating in a debate competition; anything! Just NIKE it! You do not realise but all that helps you develop the personality you dream of or double tap on Instagram all day!

9. Maximise Tech to Your Advantage

What’s not possible with the use of technology? Researchers have predicted that robots could even replace the humans that we see around! That’s another way to look at how far one can possibly float when making the most of technology and science. As a student, you could search the internet for problems, solutions with multiple assignments solution-lurking keywords such as - “Need assignment help” Or as specific as “i want to pay to do my assignment” or “which is the best online assignment, help provider?”. When you look up a certain search engine for the above answers, the same would showcase results right in front of your pair of eyes before you even blink them (get a good internet plan though). This is what technology brings to you. Convenience in the limited amount of time!

10. Integrity and Honesty

This is the key to life, let alone student life. If you do not have the “spheres” to tell your assessor that you are going to miss the deadline regarding a particular assignment, you are going to live it short, mate. It’s better to let it out in the first place rather than getting caught lair on. Be it any course you are pursuing, marketing, management, nursing; any course. You have got to realise the sense of responsibility that comes to you. Successful students leave no chore undone when it comes to realising that honesty is the key that requires the most measure of individual charge. Well, this is about it. This is how you moon-walk the road to success!

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