4 Components of an Effective Business Communication Model

We all know how important communication is, don’t we? Business communication is no different. It is a process by which employees communicate within the organisation framework orally, verbally or even in writing. We understand how an effective communication is the soul of a successful business organisation. So, we the business communication assignment help experts at Sample Assignment are here to guide you, the aspiring managers or employees, on how you can communicate effectively.

Business Communication Made Easy With A Business Communication Model Sample

Below is a business communication model assignment sample which our experts had done for the reference of students. For more such samples and solutions, you may get in touch with our experts. Business Communication Model Sample Basically, these are the most important assignment topics for business communication. Having delivered guidance over all these topics, our business management assignment help experts are there to help you too!

  • Marketing
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Corporate communication
  • P&R
  • Client relations
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Managing events
  • Online and social communication

Components of Business Communication explained!

Effective communication facilitates a smooth exchange of information within the institutional framework. In business, effective communication has a practical purpose. It establishes unity among working employees and also enables them to execute wise decisions. There are four main components of business communication, which helps an organisation to achieve its goals. These are: Components of Business Communication explained


Encoding is the first component of effective communication. In this component, business employees translate their ideas and concepts into various symbols and gestures. As communication is a two-way process, thus, senders from both ends decide the message that is to be sent. According to our business communication assignment help experts, useful ideas often get lost, if the encoding gets ruined. This could be because of various reasons, which include deceptive communication strategies like fear mongering etc. Thus, our experts would guide you with various techniques which would enhance encoding and not let any hurdle come in this path.


The message that is encoded now gets transmitted through a medium, also known as a channel. The two main business medium categories are oral and written. As the name suggests, oral communication is the ones wherein people communicate via telephones, teleconferencing and webcasts. On the contrary, written communication is the one, wherein, people communicate through reports, memos, etc. Oral communication is preferred more as the sender and the receiver can communicate together, using verbal and non-verbal cues for transmitting messages. This is the reason most business meetings and conferences all over the world promote oral communication and emphasis on personal touch.


This component deals with the receiver, as it is the process wherein the receiver deciphers the messages that have been transmitted by the sender. For every business organisation, it is very important that the encoding and decoding process are always in sync.


This is the final step in the process of communication. In this final step, the receiver responds to the message which the sender has sent. Feedback helps the sender to take actions, based on what the receiver has understood.

3 Types of Business Communication

There are 3 types of business communication, which is used to transmit information within an organisational framework. Our business communication assignment help experts guide students on improving these types of communication. 3 Types of Business Communication


The oldest form of combination is still the most popular among every business organisation. This includes various methods like meetings, face to face interviews, numerous different personal tasks and others. People prefer this mode of communication the most due to the direct interaction between participants.


This mode of communication is the most concise one. It includes formal letters, emails, posters and many other such things. This mode of communication is preferred for more complex business assignments. When a sender sends a message, there is no face to face direct interaction with the receiver. Thus, the written message has to be written effectively. This is where our experts can help you. For instance, our experts can guide you on how to write a business communication email assignment.

Electronic (online)

This mode of communication has gained importance in the recent few years, with the advent of technology. Soon, it is expected to be the standard communicating medium in every business organisation. This is because, it is accurate, faster and simpler. This includes software like ezTalks Meetings, cloud storage feature and others. This was just a gist on various components and aspects of business communication. For a more detailed discussion or guidance on any of the above-mentioned aspects, you can simply contact the Australian assignment help experts at Sample Assignment.  

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