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6cs of nursing poster

What Are The 6 C's Of Nursing Poster?

Hello!!! How are you? Since you have reached our blog you must be here to learn something new. Something related to nursing assignments and 6 C's of the nursing poster. As a student of medical sciences or health care, one needs to have at least a basic understanding of the nursing concepts. One of the very important topics of the nursing course is 6 C's that are to be followed in every assignment. Each assignment is unique but these 6 C's are to be kept in mind while approaching any assignment.

Nursing is all about health assessment. Health assessment is taken care of by the nurses. Healthcare and nursing are two counterparts of the medical field. Nursing revolves around taking care of the patients and making them feel comfortable while treating them. The nursing posters thus have 6 C's in them which are to be necessarily included while discussing a scenario as a nursing student. Let us explain each one by one.

6cs of nursing poster

How Do You Demonstrate 6 C's?

  1. Care- Care is the pivot of health care facilities. Care is extended to individuals or groups of people from nursing organizations. This aspect necessarily needs to be included in the nursing posters.
  2. Communication- Staff interaction and communication with the patients is the key to providing the best treatment and that is why communication is an indispensable attribute to be found in nursing assignments.
  3. Commitment- Nursing can be tough especially emotionally. The patient sometimes may not be co-operative, therefore commitment towards one's work is very important.
  4. Compassion- Compassion is the emotional aspect of care. The dignity, empathy, and mutual respect involved while providing care for the patient is compassion. In a nursing assignment help, compassion is the way care is perceived. The care may be with or without compassion. Care provided with compassion is perceived as intelligent kindness and the patient responds more effectively to care with compassion than without compassion.
  5. Courage- Courage is required to go out of the way while doing your work. Not all the matters that are required to fulfil responsibilities fall within the domain of work protocol. In such cases, it is incumbent to go out of the way to meet the requirements of the client.
  6. Competence- Competence is the technical aspect of nursing assignment help. It is through competence that one can demonstrate expertise in a particular field of nursing. Competence is determined by experience, research, and evidence.

How To Apply 6 C's In Practice?

  1. The best way of applying 6 C's in practice is to appoint the people who adhere to the above 6 C's and believe in the above. Moreover, proper training and appraising the staff about the above may help in inculcating these skills in them.
  2. Review the culture of the organization and update the skills in terms of values as well as expertise and research.
  3. Continuous assessment of the experience of the patient.

What Are The 6 C's In Mental Health Nursing?

Care, compassion, and courage are parts of nursing projects in general but in treating mental health patients, care, compassion and courage are more specifically required than in others. Therefore, apart from having the expertise and knowledge of the latest developments in the mental health field, care and compassion decide the pace of recovery of a mental health patient.

Why Were The 6 C's Introduced?

6 C's were introduced to implement the idea of the holistic approach in nursing. Not restricting the health care to assessments and technical expertise, but to extend all kind of support to the patient, technical as well as non-technical.

A good nursing assignment poster will have the following requisites-

  1. Background of the scenario.
  2. Scope and aim of the research.
  3. The procedure used to solve the problem at hand.
  4. The result was achieved by the said procedure.
  5. Discussion on the scenario and
  6. Conclusion

6cs of nursing introduced

So follow this chart for making a terrific nursing assignment poster.

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