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Thesis Statement

For students who are about to start writing their thesis, one thing you need to keep in mind is that your thesis statement has the power to make or break your assignment. That is why today we will be discussing a few expert tips that will help you master the art of writing excellent thesis statements.

Why all this fuss about writing a thesis statement?

If an idea has been formed in your head, you need to put it into words. Even if it is in just a sentence or two. This is where your reader gets to know the gist of the topic and helps them understand the writer’s thought process and motivation behind choosing this particular topic. That is why a good thesis statement is essential to score good marks.

Placing your thesis statement

Ideally, the best section to place your thesis statement is in the introduction of an essay. This helps the audience understand the essence of your work from the beginning and engage with it better. However, if you are writing a longer document like a dissertation, keeping it in the second paragraph can also attract readers. However, placing it in the middle or towards the end is completely pointless. If you are looking for some “help with my thesis”, you need to remember the points mentioned in this write-up and start by presenting your cause of the study in the beginning in clear words.

Can your thesis statement be disputed?

A good thesis statement is one that can be argued upon. You need to study your statement thoroughly and come up with relevant evidence. The statement can answer general questions as soon as someone starts reading it. Because, if there is no scope for debate, your thesis statement will hold no value and no originality. Hence, it is a good idea to frame your sentences in a manner that make the reader want to engage with it. write thesis statement

The art of crafting your thesis statement using questions

For all those who are looking to draft a good thesis statement, one thing you can do is frame your statement as a question. This makes it easier for you to write the proposition. Ask the question in your statement and then develop your document by using it as the foundation of the structure.

Focus on the specific details

There is no point in filling your paper with academic jargon and beating around the bush on every step. Instead, your proposition should be able to present specific research. Our thesis help experts state that you should not keep discussing vague ideas and general topics but focus on one specific area that is related to the topic of your choice and build upon it. For example:

  • If you say, “15% of the federal budget should be kept aside for the education of children.” This statement does not give you any idea about the argument and in turn leaves you with more questions like: What children? Which government? Why do they need to set aside funds?
  • However, when you place the same line as

“15% of UNO’s federal budget should be used to improve the education of homeless children in developing countries so that there is a rise in educated youth who can improve the country’s standard of living.” This makes things much clearer and more interesting.

Is your thesis statement accurate?

If you have a proposal but it is not backed by facts, then it is of no use. The study of any thesis statement is based upon the truth, concrete facts, and evidence to back it up. If you want to argue something and prove your point, you need to have some proof for it. Thus, this is an essential part of mastering the art of writing a thesis statement with care and attention. Your argument needs to be factual. You can make use of questionnaires and diagrams to support your thesis statement. Do not be combative The purpose of your thesis statement is to engage with an opponent with your ideas. However, if you use harsh language and present yourself as combative, your reader will not want to read any further and you will lose a brilliant platform for yourself. Thus, remember to frame your sentence in an open and mild tone. This is one of the main ingredients to writing a good thesis statement. See how our experts do it:

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