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HRMT20024 Assessment Answer

Attracting and retaining staff in any sector is a challenging task these days. Especially because employees in the service sector are efficient enough to manipulate and manage the workplace processes strategically. Today, we will discuss how to write an essay that will shed some light on the challenges that are faced by the education sector when it comes to retaining their staff. Additionally, we will also mention a few conflict areas that are prominent in this field. Thesis statement: Accomplishing a dynamic and strategic human resource program that will improve the process of attracting and retaining staff in the educational sector. Topics to be discussed: Under HRMT20024 Attracting and Retaining Staff Assessment Answer we are discussing today is an essay that follows a particular manner that will explain your research and ideas methodically, and critically evaluate:

  • The issues women face in the management of the education sector.
  • The hard and soft skills important for the growth and development of entrepreneurs in this field.
  • The workplace relations and how the number of employees and their cultural backgrounds can affect their leadership styles.
  • The strategic framework of human resource management and the external factors that are responsible for influencing industrial relations.
  • The benefits and importance of human resource management and how it helps in business growth.

Writing the essay: An essay is usually divided into three parts. You start by writing the introduction of the essay where you include your thesis statement towards the end. After comes the main body which is generally divided into different paragraphs that are logically connected. The final section is the conclusion where you wrap up your arguments succinctly.

  • According to our assignment help provider, the main body can be started by discussing the challenges women face in the educational sector worldwide. Talk about the strategic working styles and processes that have evolved with time and how it has been noticed that women are being able to inculcate far better techniques and practices to manage staff. Thus, showcasing that women are actively involved in the education sector and should be included in the public administration sectors as well for better growth and development of everyone involved. You can conclude this part by mentioning that women need to be encouraged for better job opportunities.
  • Following this, highlight the issue of soft and hard skill integration for young and budding entrepreneurs. About this, discuss how soft and hard human resource management looks forward with different perspectives on what is the best method to attain their goals and objectives. Our assignment maker says that both hard and soft human resource management processes are essential for handling unpredictable situations in a workplace efficiently. Thus, it is evident that entrepreneurs need to focus on both hard and soft skills to lead an organisation properly.

human resource management

  • Workplace relations play a crucial role in alleviating challenges that occur within the global business environment. It is necessary to recognise the altering nature of the purpose and use of a person’s specifications to address the functions of staff resolution efficacy. The educational organisation is encountering various workplace conflicts due to the rise in business complications, the challenge to leadership approaches, and the cultural differences that are present within the employees. In such a scenario, it is extremely difficult to design a system that fulfils the needs of the staff and successfully operates the system within the global environment. If you are still unclear, feel free to contact us for management assignment help in Australia.
  • The link between social resource administration and industrial relations has proven to be an adequate structure for the comparison of institutional research. The effectiveness of an organisation depends on different factors where social human resource administration is responsible for influencing the productivity and efficiency of the staff. It is favourable for the organisation to compete efficiently with the external factors that can often challenge the survival of a business in the long run. To strengthen the business outcomes, it is crucial for strategic human resource management and human resource planning to be on the same page for proper business growth. Strategic human resource management is supportive of the education sector in formulating staffing plans that fulfil the needs of the staff.

Finally, in the conclusion of your HRMT20024 assessment answer, you can summarise that these themes are truly interrelated to one another and are essential for workplace satisfaction, liability, security, and progress of culture as well. If the first theme discussed women’s position in the educational sector, it can be connected to the leadership qualities and skills of women and entrepreneurs in the second theme. Similarly, the third and fourth themes discuss the importance of balanced workplace relations that can be aided by ethical leadership and proper conflict management. Finally, the last theme has a direct relation to strategic human resource planning as it helps an organisation manage risks, increase profits, and retain its staff. You can end your conclusion by giving the audience something interesting to think about.

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