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Academic Writing is not merely a job description. The role of an academic writer comes packed with so much more than just writing. The attitude, the willingness to learn, curiosity, a helpful nature, teamwork, leadership skills are all prerequisites that the role entails.

What do you do when you’re tasked with writing an assignment that takes an enormous amount of research? Moreover, you have to complete it by the deadline set by your professor. Do you spend all your time on the assignment and let it hamper your academic productivity? Or do you go the smart way and leave your assignment to a professional who will do it flawlessly?

We like how you think, and we agree. An academic writer is your go-to person when you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your assignment.  To be honest, anyone looking to get HD grades in their assessment would do the same.

What Does It Mean To Be An Academic Writer?

You must be wondering “What does an Assignment Writer do?”

To keep it simple and concise, an academic writer is a subject matter expert who has prior experience in offering academic assistance through online tutoring to students. He/she must be aware of the academic restrictions, obligations, and guidelines set by universities across the world. This includes knowledge of reliable sources of research, impeccable grammar, extensive vocabulary as well as an understanding of different writing and referencing styles.

To write assignments and papers efficiently, an academic writer must always be ready to learn something new and add to their bank of knowledge. Every assignment task comes with a different objective, with varied requirements in terms of reference sources, word count, type of terminology used, perspective, etc.

Thus, what one gets to learn through the assignment writing process is endless in potential. All research allows the writer to learn something new, something they were not aware of before, and something that would prove useful to them in the future - professionally and personally.

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How Does The Academic Writer Approach An Assignment?

At Sample Assignment, every academic writer is essentially an all-rounder in college or university assignments. Let us offer you an opportunity to peek into a typical day in the life of an academic writer. Here are some of the necessary steps required in the assignment writing process.

Understanding The Assignment Question

It is essential to properly comprehend what the question or topic requires before you attempt the assignment. Once the question and related information provided by the student is analyzed, only then can the writer make a strategic plan to complete the assignment. As per the question, the writer will then begin to research by gathering accurate and relevant information from verified sources.


Acknowledging the assignment deadline set by the university is vital. Most universities and colleges are not lenient when it comes to deadline extensions. The academic writer always sets a personal deadline which is before the one set by the client. This gives the writer enough headroom to ensure the assignment is proofread and has gone through an editing process to make it more polished. 

Creating An Outline

Before creating the final assignment, the academic writer prepares a draft based on an outline created beforehand. This helps the writer structure the assignment better and frame all the content accordingly.

Conducting Research

The research part is the most challenging, as it requires looking in the right places and looking for the right things. The research is what determines the quality of the content included in the assignment. For authenticity and accuracy, academic writers at Sample Assignment only refer to peer-reviewed articles. All research sources are then cited properly in the references with proper referencing style, depending on the styles specified.

Proofreading And Editing

Here’s the part which makes your assignment flawless. We do not believe in having any room for error, as your professor may not either. After the assignment is finished, it enters the review phase. Here, the assignment is sent for thorough proofreading and editing as well as several quality checks. This ensures that your resulting assignment is refined and examined for even the smallest errors.


As already stated, we take deadlines seriously. This is what helps us be so punctual in every assignment our writers take on. Your assignment is delivered to you along with a Turnitin report which ensures that the paper is completely free of plagiarism.

Post-Delivery Assistance

There’s a reason why Sample Assignment is so beloved as the best assignment help company by students across the world. We don’t feel that delivering your assignment is the end of the line. We stick with you even after you have received your assignment. In case you feel that you are not satisfied, you will get multiple chances to get a rework from us. This is to ensure quality and reliability which are qualities we hold in high regard.

Here’s Why You Will Benefit From Us

Now that you know the importance of an academic writer, you understand that Sample Assignment is like a panel of assignment doctors who are always there to assist you. We understand that assignment submissions can come as nightmares to many students who are also juggling other academic affairs.

Hence, we empathize with your worries and try to help you in every way possible. Our panel of assignment writers is highly qualified with years of experience in their fields. From literature to technical writing, we have specialists in every subject. Every professional academic writer brings more to the table. 

So let’s not delay your assignment submissions any further. Call us now with your assignment query and get top-notch assignments that will impress you and your professors alike!

You can now also avail of our premium Value Added Services for all sorts of academic assistance like 1 on 1 consultation, quality check, plagiarism check, resume writing help, and many more.

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