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Including previous work or the taking reference from some wiring to include in your writing needed to mention the sources name. While writing a project, assignment, project work, etc. when you include some previous facts into the content, it is required to mention the reference name. Including references will enhance the authenticity of the content. There are specific formats in which the referencing is being done. Mostly references are included in research projects or dissertation writing. The references are included in the special section called bibliography. Bibliography includes list of all the reference used in the content creation. There is a specific way to represent the referenced content in the project or dissertation. The bibliography needs to be presented in alphabetical order according to author’s name. Harvard Referencing Style Assignment Help Australia provides to include tips on the writing.
  • The reference in the project should be written either in capitals or not in capitals. But according to the standard any one of the format should be followed throughout the content.
  • Do not use both italics and underline format to highlight the reference. Only one of the formats needs to be followed.
  • Punctuation in the research writing should be focused on BS ISO 690:2010 guidelines.
Thus, the standard writing should include all the formats mentioned above to present the content. As every standard has its style of writing thus on should follow only one format in his/her writing to make the reader clear about the format followed. Following a specific format will also help the reader to search for the reference, and the related content included in the assignments or research writing. There are various online writing programs available to help students in their writing work. Java assignment help is one of the online programs that guide students in writing quality assignments or projects in the Java computer programming language. The language is an advanced language, and thus most of the student find difficult to write in this particular discipline.
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