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2023-09-22 14:13:06

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all you need to know about accg224 financial accounting

Finance runs countries. And countries run the world. Trade practices, silk routes, cotton routes, and what not have been in existence. obviously, even without ACCG224 Financial Accounting course, there was some or the other sort of finance accounting going on at the back end that was never recorded in the books of history. However, do you think it never was there? My friend, the course you or your friend is pursuing has been and will continue to be of extreme importance. Due to its importance, you are going to be paid a lot of “finances” for it as well! ACCG224 Financial Accounting course is becoming one of the most sought-after courses wherein the university lecturers and college assessors would ask you to submit assignments on. We have been there, everywhere. Whenever there has been an assignment requirement regarding financial accounting, we have always been your first choice for assignment writing services.

  • We possess knowledge of accounting topics.
  • A unique perspective of approaching accounting problems.
  • Finance analytical and solving the problems with ease.
  • The rules and regulations of accounting are on our fingertips.

Oh, that’s enough for self-flattery. You would now be wondering, what’s in it for you right? Well, let’s us get to it. Below, are some important topics you would find yourself “at least attempting” assignments on and for sure studying for examination purposes during your ACCG224 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING course.

Important Topics for Financial Accounting Assignments

  • Auditing
  • Cost Accounting
  • Analysis of Business
  • Transaction and Accounting Equation
  • Tax Accounting
  • Accounting of Bills
  • Exchange of Cash Books
  • Valuation of Inventories

We cannot possibly explain all of them right now, but no, we are not traitors. We shall at least try and touch all of them while explaining a few of them. Auditing: As a major part of ACCG224 Financial Accounting course, you would be described in detail all the aspects of auditing. It is the process of analysing an individual’s or organisation’s financial books (records) in order to conclude if the books or records are credible and accurate. It has the sub-domain of audit planning which includes the decisions involving the holistic audit strategy and the development of the plan. Tax Accounting: It is the basic structure involved wherein different methods of accounting are involved. This phenomenon brings forth the taxes and not the financial statement of different people. The Internal Revenue Code generally governs or rules the tax accounting and its guidelines. Some questions like

  • Difference between GAAP and Tax Principles.
  • How does Tax Accounting impact an individual?
  • How does it impact on a business?

Business Analysis: It the domain of ACCG224 Financial Accounting which involves the analysis of the most basic business requirements in order to find solutions to different business problems. Most of the times, there would be software-based solutions which would take a toll on you (we are already sorry). Worry not, our accounting and finance experts are there at your service.


Valuation of Inventories: By definition, it is the analysis of coming to a specific amount of cost of the inventory that is not sold at the end of the accounting season. Inventory is usually accommodated andthe cost is determined by regarding it as the market value, or whichever is of the lower value.

  • FIFO
  • LIFO
  • AVCO
  • Specific Identification

Are some of its variations. We can accommodate any of your financial accounting assignment help queries or questions and answer them with expert ease. Till the next blog, you may very well hover over the rest of our blogs. Till then, there’s another important aspect and relation you need roll up your sleeves for that is –


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