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Alliteration Learn the Definition, Usage & Examples

Using symbolic language in your writing will consistently give it a very flashy, explanatory effect.  You will be aware that there are several figures of speech; among them, some show their influence through repetition. It can be a duplication of words that glimpse and sound identical— those with matching consonant sounds or those with alike vowel sounds.

So, through this article, you will get to know about a figure of speech called alliteration.  You will grab all the information about its meaning and definition and also know how these are used while writing sentences. Apart from this, you will also get a chance to clear your doubts through the help of examples so that you can understand them clearly and utilize them effectively.

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What Is Alliteration? – Definition and Meaning

Do you know what the term Alliteration means? It is a scholarly instrument that utilizes identical phonetic sounds to cause an effect. It is defined as a term when two or more words that are with the same sounds are used continually in a sentence or phase. The repeated sound makes alliteration - not the same letter.

Moreover, if you want to know the alliteration meaning from a different point of view. Have a glance at the below.

According to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, alliteration can be defined as “the usage of the identical letter or sound at the start of words that seems close together.”

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it is defined as “the usage, mainly in poetry, of the identical sound or sounds, specifically consonants, at the starting of many words that seem to be close together.”

When to Use Alliteration?

Now you are familiar with this term. It is time for you to know when to use these terms. These can be used in several areas. But mainly, it is used to underline a specific phrase or subject.  With the repetition of sounds, these words can grab the attention of essential phrases when we talk about speech or poems.

Especially alliteration is utilized mostly in youths' poetry, greenhouse rhymes, and tongue twisters to convey rhythm and sing-song sounds. Formally, it can also be used as tough or smooth sounds to make a mood.  But sometimes, it may be used in the form of tongue twisters or playful sounds that make them less serious.  As a result, it should not be considered in formal writing when one writes a research paper or does specialized writing.

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Alliteration Definition Meaning and Example

How to Compose an Alliteration?

Generally, Alliteration can be utilized so that it can draw attention to the essential aspect of specific phrases. Or, it can be utilized to develop musicality and beat in an otherwise simple phrase. To employ alliteration, you need to know the following.

  • Consider the subject you want to highlight.

  • Consider the phrases that link to the subject and start with an identical sound.

  • Enlist those phrases  together in a sentence

For instance, imagine that you are going to advertise a new clothing store in your local area.

How to Use Alliteration in a Sentence?

Once you are acquainted with the usage and how to write these terms, let us know how you use these terms in a sentence.

To make your language look impressive and sound good, using alliteration seems to be an uncomplicated and interesting way. Whenever you use repetitive words, it will ultimately grab the attention of readers and listeners. So anything that seems to be repeated many times is termed to be essential. This is the reason why tongue twisters are so attractive.

Word playing for your listeners and readers. You can always employ an exercise to engage your audience, whether it's for educational or recreational reasons that involve repetition and tongue twisters. Alliteration is another literary device that you would have encountered.

 If you are aware of a few fundamental facts about it, then using alliteration may now be made simple. Consider the following points.

  • Words having similar consonant or vowel sounds at the start are used to create alliteration.

  • It is required to utilize these terms in order, one after the other.

  • Additionally, alliterated sentences can be constructed using syllables with a similar sound.

There is no set rule that says alliteration can only be utilized for a certain number of certain terms. It can just be two words with a similar sound that are placed one after the other in a sentence. When using alliteration in sentences, there is only one consideration that you must make. Verify the meaning of your sentences. Unless it makes sense, avoid grouping unrelated words with similar sounds.

Why Do Authors Utilize Alliteration in Literature?

In order to make the piece of writing more attractive and interesting for readers, the authors utilized these terms. With the usefulness of alliteration, authors can easily count rhythm and intensity, as well as sentiment, to a piece of writing. In addition, readers can easily grab the message from the text that the author wants. So, to clearly understand why most authors use these terms in their pieces of writing. Let's grab some examples.

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Five alliteration examples

 To have a better understanding. Let's take a look at the list of alliteration examples.

  • 'Clary closed her cluttered clothes closet.'

  • 'Harry hurried home to watch football on TV.'

  • 'Rachel ran right until she realized she was running round and round.'

  • 'Polly's prancing pony performed perfectly.'

  • 'The boy buzzed around as busy as a bee.'

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Last but not least, Alliteration is a practical, poetic device that consists of a certain sentence in which certain sounds are repeated at the start of words. It is generally used to seek attention to specific phrases and can furnish rhythm and musicality.

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