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AMB303 Assessment Answer

The managers of an organisation have to be well versed with the elements that are important for the smooth functioning of the supply chain and logistics management that can improve the corporate performance of the company. Thus, to provide the up and coming generation with the knowledge and appropriate skills of this field, Australian universities have come up with Business and Law courses that cover different units, including AMB3030 international logistics. Naturally, when you are pursuing this course, you will have to write stellar AMB3030 international logistics assessment answers to keep up your scores and leave the university on a high note. According to our experts, these assessments will mainly require you to find solutions to the logistical problems that occur on the international level. Moreover, you will need to know the logistical concepts, terminologies, and processes that play an important role in this field. Thus, if you are looking to write a comprehensive and complete answer for your international logistics assessments, you have come to the right place. Australia’s logistics and transport sector generates approximately $102 billion of revenue and has an operating profit of around $10 billion nearly every year. It is also responsible for employing more than half a million people. The importance of this field is evident from these numbers.

Different Kinds Of Assessments That Are A Part Of This Course

Australian universities give out many assignments to their students so that they can test their subject knowledge and keep them updated with all the latest developments in the respective field at the same time. Thus, let us discuss the different kinds of projects that our online assignment writers can help you solve:

  1. Oral presentations- The first part of your AMB303 assessments is generally an oral presentation, where you have to design and develop a video presentation that discusses the logistical problems which you have identified. Remember to choose an issue that is relevant to your curriculum.
  2. Mid-term examinations- These are online examinations that ask you to present your knowledge of the topics related to international logistics on paper, within a fixed period.
  3. Case studies- The final part of these assessments is generally a case study wherein you are given a real or hypothetical situation and you have to come up with solutions and recommendations according to the questions asked. If you need any help with this part of your assessment, we can help you out.

How Can We Help You With Your Case Study Assignment?

For your convenience, we have discussed the steps that are followed by our experts while providing the best assignment help below. The main aim of this assignment is usually to analyse and evaluate the different business situations and come up with some relevant suggestions accordingly. Your case study answer can follow the following structure:

  • Introduction- This paragraph gives your reader a background of the topic and showcases your motivation behind choosing the topic. The best way to write this section is to narrow down your research and just mention the aim and problems here. If you are unable to write in the beginning, leave the introduction for the end. This will help you keep it succinct.
  • Export readiness factors- Here, you will have to conduct an analysis of your chosen country’s geographic and political landscape and elaborate on the resources, business, infrastructure, and market potential among other things. All these elements will affect the international logistics management of the country.
  • An analysis of the mode of entry- In this part, you will have to discuss the major options to enter the market that are prevalent in the country you are assessing. For example, in one of our AMB303 assessment answer, our team talked about Egypt and its four main market entry points. You can discuss those details here.
  • Talking about the risks and challenges- In this section, you will get the opportunity to present the possible risks and challenges that a company may face in its process of global expansion. These can include:
    • Political and legal risks
    • Construction problems
    • Transportation challenges
    • Heavy competition in the international arena
  • Your recommendations and justifications- Once you have properly analysed the entry opportunities, market prospects, and the other factors affecting your chosen country’s relations on the global scale, you need to propose some relevant justifications recommendations that can help an organisation streamline its international logistics management process.
  • References- This is one of the most important parts of an assignment. It does not matter whether you are completing a case study, writing an essay, or submitting a dissertation, you have to express gratitude to all the authors and literary scholars who have worked on this topic previously and have been studied by you to complete your work. Even in their AMB303 assignment samples our experts always include the correct references and citations to avoid any accusations of plagiarism.

These are just some basics to writing a case study. However, there are numerous other steps to be taken and information to be discovered if you want to write an impeccable assessment solution. If all this seems daunting to you, there is nothing to worry about. With our team of trained academic writers who have been solving such assignments for many years now, we will help you out with whatever problems you may have. Good luck!

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