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Strategy at Apple

Do you know that Apple is the first company to become a $2 trillion company in the world? Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, and its employees have worked very hard to make Apple the biggest company (in terms of revenue) in the world. To reach the mark of $ 2 trillion, the Apple company has struggled and implemented strategies to be at no1 in the world.

Apple was founded in 1976 by three men in a group Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Earlier, the trio group founded this company to sell a hand-made computer made by Steve Wozniak. The name of that hand-built computer was Apple-1. It was sold in the market as a motherboard with the CPU and Ram. The trio made the sale of $ 666.66 with the hand-made computer named Apple-1. This trio gets destroyed when Ronald Wayne decides to leave the company. He left the company by taking a check for $800 worth $72 million after 40 years from the date he left. The first logo of Apple was Wayne. It was replaced by the bitten, which Rob Jannof created in 1977. On 3rd January 1977, Mike Marukkla showed interest in Apple-1 and decided to purchase one-third of the company. He provided the fund to the company and helped Apple to grow.

Strategies Made by Apple to Rule in the World

Implementing correct strategies in the required time has helped Apple rule the world. Apple has worked on implementing many strategies to expand its business, but its marketing strategy is considered the best among all of them. The marketing strategy of Apple has played a vital role in its success. The marketing strategy of Apple company is an inspiration for all other companies who want to achieve success. Its marketing strategy is based on the philosophy of Steve Jobs "Customers do not always know what they want". Instead of analysing the customer needs and wants, multinational company, i.e. Apple, focuses on enhancing their products' features and capabilities. The 7Ps of the marketing strategy of Apple is centralised in the marketing mix. Its strategy is to find out its target audience and help them give them premium products. They majorly believe in promoting their products with the help of print media, i.e. newspapers, magazines, etc.

Apple's marketing strategies compromises of the following:

  • Focus on Designs and the Functionality of their Products- The value proposition statement of Apple is “beautiful design that works right out of the box with ever-smaller packaging". Apple is one of the most expensive brands, but people still crave to purchase apple products. Its marketing communication strategy is known as the best, which helps Apple to remain out of the war of price crisis. With the help of its value proposition statement, apple communicates to its target audience and tells them that it offers the best products with the best designs and functions.
  • Effective use of product placement- Apple’s marketing strategy does not work with pay-per-click advertisements on Facebook and other social media platforms. Instead of it, Apple relies on product placement strategies and promotes its products with the help of celebrities and popular shows and by creating hype about its products. For example- Apple sends its new products to mainstream media firms and pays them to write and spread positive reviews of the products.
  • Developing its ecosystem- The most popular and the world’s leading company, Apple spends lots of money to develop its software, hardware, and services for customers. Apple apps and devices sync perfectly together. They do not collaborate with other companies. Hence, they enhance their ecosystem.

The above-mentioned are some of the major marketing strategies implemented by the leading company in the world “Apple”. These strategies are helping Apple to reach the desired success.

Fun Facts About Apple:

  • The Newton Plaque was the first logo of Apple
  • Apple has more cash when compared to the US government
  • In 1986, Apple Introduced its clothing line
  • Carl Sagun sued Apple twice.


Apple is the most popular and the leading company in terms of revenue. The current Ceo of Apple, Tim Cook, is trying very hard with their team to enhance the company's growth and achieve the desired goals.

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