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Aboriginal and Torres Islanders have always been a hot topic as numerous assignments are rolled out by the universities. Often, they ask students to write a research assignment that can be in the form of an essay, a case study, a dissertation, etc. To write assignments related to aboriginals, you must have the adequate knowledge of few policies such as the NSW Aborigines Protection Act, the Board's Policy, the Policy of Assimilation, the NSW Land Rights Act, etc. Moreover, Closing the Gap is one of the most important policies related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. It is a government strategy focused to minimise disadvantage among Torres Strait Islanders with respect to early childhood education, employment outcomes, child mortality, life expectancy, etc. In this blog, our essay writing expert will discuss how to write an essay where you are required to critically analyse the implementation of the Closing the Gap Policy. Before proceeding, let us first understand what the policy, Closing the Gap, is all about.

Closing the Gap Essay - What Does It Imply?

Closing the Gap is a policy incorporated by all Australian governments to eradicate the gap in results between indigenous and non-indigenous people of Australia in the last 25 years. Also, this policy made a formal apology to indigenous Australian for the mistreatment taken place in the past. Closing the Gap policy was implemented in response to the Close the Gap social justice campaign and the recommendations of the Social justice report 2005. The COAG (Council of Australian Governments) proposed a few measurable targets to control the improvements in the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal peoples. Few targets are described below by our essay writer who provides essay writing help in Australia:

  • Improve the life expectancy by 2031
  • Ensure 95 percentage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander four-years-olds are enrolled in early childhood education by 2025
  • Halve the gap in reading, writing, and numeracy by 2022
  • Halve the gap in child mortality by 2022
  • Halve the gap in employment by 2022
  • Close the gap in school attendance by 2022

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Essay Sample on Closing the Gap Policy

The essay requires you to critically analyse the implementation of the Closing the Gap policy. This essay should be completed in 2000 words in length including in-text references and quotations but excluding the Appendices and Reference list. Further requirements:

  • Find and apply the standards and practices of social wellbeing and intelligent practice under the care of Aboriginal peoples.
  • Assess the effect of historical events and colonisation on Australian Aboriginal entrance and commitment with wellbeing services.
  • Analyse and assess systems for 'Closing the Gap' in medicinal services to differing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, families, and networks.
  • Compare existing Aboriginal and 'Torres Strait Islanders' wellbeing indicators to that of different Indigenous and non?Indigenous populaces.
  • Scrutinise the impacts that the cultural and social determinants of wellbeing have on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples wellbeing status and their social and enthusiastic prosperity.

While analysing, it is required to include the following in this essay:

  • Conduct in-depth analysis of the progress against Closing the Gap targets for child mortality or life expectancy
  • Critically analyse the success of Closing the Gap policy related to the target you have selected. In addition to this, discuss the strategies best fit for the target, and justify the stance by linking the progress of this policy to implemented strategies.
  • Explain the ways in which the collected information from the analysis can be implemented in health care practice.
  • Discuss at least two culturally safe strategies that can be bought into action at a local level.

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Here's an Approach for Writing this Essay on Closing the Gap

Generally, university essays are written in a definite format, i.e., introduction, body section, and conclusion. Preparing assignments following this format helps you to organise your essay logically. Start with Introduction The introduction is the first part of an essay that guides the reader by providing an overview of the paper. While writing an essay for closing the Gap policy, include a hook so that it attracts the interest of the reader. The hook can be in the form of a question, a quote, an analogy, etc. Just after this, provide a brief background of the topic so that the readers can understand the central idea of the essay. For example: Essay on Closing the Gap

Thesis Statement and Body The thesis statement of an essay talk about the main idea and argument indicating the organisation. It is also used as a road map to organise your essay logically. Moving ahead with the body of an essay includes the main points discussed in the thesis. You must explain each idea in a new paragraph and support them with specific details. Conclusion The conclusion is the overall collection of all the key points of an essay. Therefore, you are required to conclude your essay by addressing all the implications of the argument. Note: In the conclusion section, try not to introduce a new topic or idea. Essay on Critical Analysis

While concluding the Closing the Gap Policy essay, you will come to see that the assignment help experts have covered all the key terms such as analysis, increase rate of RHD and its impact, strategies, etc. So, this was just a brief explanation of how our expert prepares essays on topics related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. For more details and similar blogs, you can visit our website, Sample Assignment, and browse through a ton of essay samples and examples.

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