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approaches followed for policy analysis

Policy analysis is principally a practice of determining pertinence of policy among other alternatives in accomplishing a pre-determined objective.  Understanding of the fruition process of policy development is central to policy analysis. Nursing assignments based on policy analysis can be sometimes challenging and difficult to write. In such cases, students can avail nursing assignment help by a trusted and reliable service provider. The experts offering nursing assignment help Australia service say that policy analysis comprehends brainstorming and engendering knowledge regarding the policies. It includes investigation of the causes, processes and performance of public policies and programs. It is used in public administration to aid civil servants and activists to scrutinize the methods, and procedures to implement the anticipated goals. Policy analysis

Figure 1: Policy analysis

What Are The Approaches Used By Our Nursing Assignment Experts In Policy Analysis?

The experts available with Sample Assignment to offer nursing assignment writing service have explained the term policy analysis and its approach. In policy analysis, varied approaches are used. The approaches for policy analysis include the research conducted for actual policy edifice. It involves analysis centric approach which is used for addressing the individual problems and thus providing solutions. According to nursing assignment writing expert, the approach possesses a micro-scale scope and is used customarily on an individual basis. Its major aim is to identify the most feasible and appropriate solution to the problem in economic and methodological terms. The policy process is another policy analysis approach that majorly includes the political domain. It vitally iterates around political issues. The focal point of this approach is political processes and stakeholders. It has a broader scope and addresses problems through a political lens. It highlights the role of stakeholders in influencing the policy-making process. Meta policy-making process is another cardinal approach in policy analysis which encompasses systems and context approach. Following are the major objectives of this approach which have been explained under by our nursing assignment help experts.


Policy analysis initiates with an aim. Initially, a problem is demarcated which needs to be addressed by implementing a policy. The goal for a specific policy is cardinal to be determined in order to pledge the process of policy-making. After specifying the agenda of the policy, an evaluation criterion is constructed. Determination of the alternatives can assist in assessing if the current policy is appropriate or not and what other nuts and bolts are required in the new policy. This process involves brainstorming of the ideas and philosophies to reach an objective. To determine the alternatives, it is extremely important to think out of the box and incorporate ideas that are appropriate. Evaluation of alternatives is another significant procedure in the policy analysis process which incorporates devising of criterion which best fits the situation. As per our experienced nursing assignment writer, following are the valuation of criterion, falls the procedure where best policy is strong-minded. Quantitative and qualitative measures are used in this process to decide the policy which stands out. Once the best policy is determined, it is significant to monitor it over time to keep a track of its appositeness over time. Policy analysis

Figure 2: Policy analysis

Five-E model

Policy analysis process embroils both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Qualitative research incorporates case studies and interviews. Quantitative research involves statistical analysis, quantitative survey and constructing a model. There are certain dimensions that are used to analyse the policies. A five-E model is used to analyse the dimensions of the policy.  Effectiveness is the foremost criterion of this model which analyses how well a policy can work. It basically involves predictions of the policy. Efficiency is the second criterion of this model which is focused to measure the work it will entail. It estimates the costs that are associated with the policy and they are analysed under this criterion and also their worthiness is evaluated. Ethical considerations are cardinal aspects of any policy. It is important for any policy to be stable on ethical grounds. All the ethical considerations are evaluated under the third criterion. Evaluation of the alternatives is the fifth criterion which emphasizes on analysing the used approaches and frameworks in this method. Students who are interested to gain in-depth knowledge about Five-E-Model can instantly get in touch with nursing assignment experts who are highly proficient and talented in academic activities and tasks.

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