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Mental and Physical Health

If you have a conversation with high school or university students about their life, the first thing they will tell you is that they are extremely stressed. This will instantly lead you to wonder what could they be stressed about? Well, for starters- assignments. Loads and loads of assignments are handed out to these students daily. Naturally, this means that they are constantly chasing deadlines and pulling all-nighters to complete their work giving them no time to catch up with their friends or family members. Additionally, if they are already engaged in part-time jobs or a part of some extracurricular activities, these assignments can prove to be a nightmare. Due to all these problems, their mental and physical health starts taking a toll. When Stanford University in California surveyed to find out what were their scholars' views on these assignments, it was revealed that about 56% of students regarded these projects as the root cause of their increasing stress and anxiety issues. Others also stated that the constant pressure of having to score well in every test and class assignment has led to the development of some serious health problems in their life. Many others mentioned that they have been experiencing sleepless nights, stomach issues, and weight loss as a direct result of this stress. Consequently, they are turning to assignment writers online for help. Combined with the knowledge that their overloaded schedule may not let them pursue their hobbies or participate in their favorite sports activities, has spiked their anxiety and depression levels as well. These assignments are not only causing issues for students but their parents as well. For instance, if you have some family obligations or social functions to attend but your child is busy finishing off one assignment after another, you will either have to miss the event, or your child will have to forget about finishing their assignment on time, thus impacting their overall performance. Both of which are not feasible options. That is why parents these days are getting in touch with their student’s teachers to give them an appropriate amount of assignments in a day that can be logically finished off in a limited time. better mental health practices for schools Homework and assignments have always been an important part of a student’s academic life. They are essential in ensuring that students are interacting with their field of study even outside the classroom. Additionally, they have been vital in providing students with the chance to think out of the box. However, in the past few years, the number of assignments given to students has risen by 51% not allowing students to engage with the material or come up with new ideas. Nowadays, they are constantly left worrying about their missed deadlines and dreading the next assignment that may be given to them, defeating the entire purpose of the exercise. Too many assignments can negatively impact the student’s social life, grades, and ultimately their health. Attending back-to-back classes and then going home to finish off more and more assignments can leave students unmotivated and overwhelmed. Additionally, assignments that need more than two hours to be completed are counterproductive to the student’s health. If you are finding yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place, it may not be a bad idea to contact agencies that provide assignment help in Australia. Extracurricular activities give students a chance to take a breather and meet some new people who have similar interests. But if students are unable to participate in these activities because of their projects, and are not getting time to relax with their friends, it will leave them in isolation without a proper support structure. For those who are working part-time, there is no time for anything else. This ultimately leaves them stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. Getting burnt out from too many assignments is another problem. What happens when students are given too many assignments is that they become less interested in actively engaging with the material or analysing the concepts properly because they are more focused on getting these tasks over with. Creating a schedule can help you lessen this burden. Although, with the pandemic shifting the mode of education to online learning, there has also been a huge blurring of lines in terms of timetables and schedules. With classes being scheduled at odd hours during the day and students having to stare at screens for hours and hours on end, to attend classes and complete their assignments, it does not come as a surprise that they are constantly having to deal with headaches, back pain, and bad eyesight. On the student’s end, they can try and contact an online assignment help provider so that at least some tasks from their never-ending list of assignments can be handed off. Nevertheless, in the end, it is the universities that have to understand that their constant overload of assignments is proving to be the biggest factor in a student’s deteriorating mental and physical health and try to find a balance between coursework requirements and keeping their students healthy and happy.

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