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2022-08-12 01:46:24

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b2b vs b2c marketing assignment help

Business to Business Marketing and Business to Customer Marketing are two vast pathways in marketing. The two are pronounced differently with the varying target market. In Business to Business Marketing, the target market or niche is Business. So, this is basically involved wherein, procurement, merchandising, etc. are carried out. Especially, in the case of raw materials, where there are a number of suppliers for one company and more, are asked of students through marketing assignments.

About B2C Vs B2C Assignments

Very often than not, are the students given a number of case studies. The case studies do not simply ask you to list down the differences between the two but increase your understanding regarding the two concepts. This would be done via asking you to consider (if not given) two firms and study or analyse (or something like that) by comparing the market tactics for different scenarios the companies are housed in. A number of assignment help providers say that the topic is important for both examinations and personal understanding of the industry. when you choose to order assignments from online assignment help by Assignment providers, you could use the following well-threaded and researched information for your own use.

Similarities between B2C and B2B

  • Both of them need an outstanding customer experience and service.
  • Both of them have a customer-centric approach.
  • Buyers belonging to both the markets are pretty knowledgeable. When we compare them with previous generations of customers (thanks to the internet).

B2B Marketing

It is the interaction between a business with another.

  • Customer support, customer relationship, and the features of the products, all drive this industry.
  • The aspect that influences or motivates their buying decisions is the strategic advantage or the value that is generated.
  • The pricing of the product is much higher than the end product. Therefore, its calculation can become complex.
  • The branding methodologies involve a website, research papers, industry research, professional networks, forums.
  • The firms that are in this industry mostly aim to cater to a narrow niche.
  • The process of purchase requires a lot of time as compared to the B2C sector.
  • The decision-making process at the back end takes time as the involved amount is usually a lot to think about.
  • The sales cycle that is involved has many stages and is quite long. One of the reasons for that is that there are a number of stakeholders that are involved in the decision-making process itself.
  • The buyers in this sector often require demos for clarity over certain aspects of the product.
  • When buyers do get engaged to a certain supplier, they hardly dwindle between any other suppliersor sellers for the requirement of goods.

B2C Marketing

B2C marketing is the interaction between a seller or RETAILER and the end consumer or customer.

  • B2C marketing usually caters to the end customer and endorses the features of the products n order to increase the brand appeal.
  • The buy or purchase may also be status-related, emotional, impulsive, considerate or made for personal gratification.
  • The pricing strategies are to be researched about and has to be in coherence with affordability, buying power and is relatively less complex.
  • The endorsements and commercials are generally found to sports celebrities and famous people who have also played a major role in influencing buying decisions.
  • The number of stakeholders is generally limited and hence, the process of decision making at the seller’s end is shorter as compared to B2B Marketing.
  • Low or none jargon is used for best productivity (sales).
  • The entire process of merchandising comes into the picture and hence is very systematic.
  • The buyers may fluctuate between different sellers and it is comparatively much easier for companies to change their minds.

In B2B the buyers make choices on strategic considerations which are rational in nature. The value or revenue for the company is generated indirectly through this step. they may include –

  • Improvement in efficiency,
  • Automatic upgradation of services
  • To maximise profits

On the contrary, the takeaways from the B2C sector are –

  • The customer experience, right from the moment he purchases till the after-sales services.
  • Building an emotional relationship with the customers other than providing the product is one of the sole motives of the sector.
  • Working on technologically enhanced customer convenience is one of the priorities.

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