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Students pursuing masters and doctorate level degrees have to write a research proposal as a part of their assignment. Writing a research proposal can be challenging because of its word count, research questions, and complex research methodology involved. To overcome such challenges, students need to develop and enhance subject knowledge as well as their academic writing skills. But sometimes, having such skills and knowledge is not sufficient, you must also be proficient in implementing and presenting your ideas and collected information in organised way to your audience. However, this web post will let you know which areas to be improved, how to write a research proposal, etc. Let’s have a  look.

What is a Research Proposal?

A research proposal is an important part of academic writing. It is written to analyse a particular topic and proposes involved with that theory which has not been used before. The research proposal introduces what is the purpose of the research. It enhances the theories and methods used to support your hypothetical view of point used in the project. Writing a research proposal includes argumentative writing as well as research skills. Thus, it is necessary to have adequate skills to write their project.

Challenges In Writing A Research Proposal

Are you facing issues in writing a research proposal? Deadline is about to end and you don't know how to start your assignment? If yes! Our research proposal assignment services can be the best choice. You will get the best solutions for all your queries at a single call. However, let's have a look over the challenges which prevent students from writing research proposal assignments.

Challenge 1 - Selecting the right topic

A research proposal is written to determine the scope and objectives of the research. Thus, you should find the subject area of your research to choose a topic. The topic should be clear, summative and concise.

Challenge 2 - Writing the purpose of the research

The first question you need to answer in a research proposal is the purpose of the research. You need to explain the facts of the problem, its importance etc. You can start your research proposal by explaining how things can work assuming that the problem does not exist. At last, conclude with the important points you have explained in problems statement and the approach you followed to overcome with it.

Challenge 3 - Collect relevant statistics and data

You need to develop a summary of the topic you have selected for your research proposal. Also, define the methods for the collection of data and research you have intended for your project. You can follow qualitative and quantitative methods to collect your data and statistics. Do you lack with qualitative and quantitative methods? If yes, simply buy a research proposal sample with us at a reasonable price.

Research Proposal Format

We know that our students are excellent in their study but there could be a few who do not have an idea of a correct research proposal format. Such students can follow the details given below by the research proposal assignment writing expert. Here are the basic components of a research proposal:

Step 1: TITLE

Always choose title as per your subject and targeted audience. Your title should be clear concise and summative.


This section includes the description of background and issues, identifying your discipline, writing a short literature review and explaining the developments in the field and key debates. It is better to first prepare a draft of your research proposal introduction and then check what else you can include in it.


Your research question/s should be clear. You must explain the problems and issues of the research questions.


This is an important section of your research proposal. While writing a research methodology, you must focus on the following:

  • Draw a theoretical resources
  • Include the approach of your research
  • Find the relevant research methods you have followed
  • Describe the advantages and limitations of methods and approaches


A research proposal is one of the lengthy assignments as it is written for 3000 words. It includes different sections as described above. Thus, you are required to prepare an outline for each heading along with the estimated timelines to complete them.


The bibliography is a list of books, their printing, authorship, publications, etc. It is mainly referred to in academic work like an essay, term paper, research proposal, dissertation, etc. It includes the following things:

  • Reference lists for texts and articles which have been explained in the research proposal
  • Relevant sources for the proposed research

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