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2022-08-18 21:50:13

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BCO5501 Premium Patio Furniture BPMN Assessment Answers
The BCO5501 Premium Patio Furniture BPMN assessment aim to develop critical thinking towards the strategic and organisation issues of any process management. For that, it is essential that can analyse the requirements of a business and prepare a business process model to suit that.  To aid you, here are engineering assignment help providers to explain the solution for such assessments.

Here is the question sample

Just so that you know we are talking about the same thing, here is the sample of the assignment question that was sent to us by a student. BCO5501 Premium Patio Furniture Question This is just one part of the entire question. Do not worry, we will get there. So, how would you write this? Below is the explanation of BCO5501 Premium Patio Furniture BPMN assessments.

Premium patio furniture - the case

  • The question tells you about a company names Premium Patio Furniture which manufactures the lawn and garden furniture, marques and buildings.
  • They work for them and others.
  • An order can range from $100 to $500,000.
  • They sell through retailers and direct sales.
  • Larger projects require architects and builders.
  • You need to develop a system for them that will monitor the supply of big order numbers.
Further, there are various stations through which the order will pass and the BCO5501 Premium Patio Furniture BPMN assignment details talk about the duties of the people involved. For example, below is an excerpt of the duties of an installer. Premium patio furniture

What needs to be done?

You have to use a BPMN (Business Process Model & Notation) system to prepare your model.

You need to know what is BPMN

You must have prepared a lot of flowcharts in your childhood, right? Think of BPMN as something similar - a flowchart but an advanced one. The BCO5501 Premium Patio Furniture BPMN assignment specifies that you use BPMN 2 using Signavio to prepare the model. So, you need to first download the Signavio tool and login into that. The models created using BPMN 2 are made from various graphical elements that show various parts of the entire business process. These may include the activities taking place, the events and the gateways in the process. These are linked with arrows that show the direction of the flow. BCO5501 Premium Patio Furniture BPMN Assessment Answers BCO5501 Premium Patio Furniture

How these elements are modeled?

The elements on a BCO5501 Premium Patio Furniture BPMN assignment are modeled on swim lanes and artifacts. What is the purpose? They show the various roles and responsibilities that are used in a process and the pool acts as the organisational unit. Also, the lanes are the departments or individuals which are involved in the process.

Here are the steps to create BPMN diagram using Signavio

The steps of preparing the model for the BCO5501 Premium Patio Furniture BPMN assignment are as below - Under the “New” tab, you will see the option of “Business Process Diagram (BPMN 2.0). Selecting this will open a new tab where you can add the modeling elements. On the left of the page, you will see a shape repository from which you can add a task, subprocess, gateway, pool/lane, event start, event end, etc. If you see a red status icon while dropping an element, it means that the element cannot be dropped at the current location. If you want to use the same element more than once, you can use the option of copy in the upper toolbar. Label your elements so that you know what stage of the process you have reached. Double-clicking the element open the text box. And you can also use the attribute panel on the right to vary the attributes of the element.

Your BCO5501 Premium Patio Furniture BPMN Assessment Solution is waiting here!

The business process engineering assignments are not an easy feat, especially if you have to create a model using BPMN. That is why engineering assignment help providers at Sample Assignment have made it their aim to aid as many students as they can to prepare their business process engineering assignments. What’s even better is that you can send in your request to the team of engineering assignment experts and ask them for a reference BCO5501 Premium Patio Furniture BPMN assignment solution. You can use this 100% original and unique assignment solution to prepare your own.
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