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BEGAE 182 English Communication Skills: The Need of the Hour Sample Assignment
Homo sapiens are the most dominant and intelligent species on earth. The human brain enables man to perform multiple functions; one of it being the ability to think and speak. Mankind would not have existed without socialising and this would not have become possible without expressing their ideas. We observe people doing various things like chatting, arguing, video conferencing, calling someone on phone, presentations with the help of computer graphics, meetings, etc. All these activities are an example of human interaction which is integral to his behaviour. These are fundamental in creating a social bond that helped our ancestors to survive the harsh conditions at a nascent stage of evolution. Today, to facilitate everything now, we need forms of effective communication in the desired language to avoid conflict. That is why the experts from best the English assignment writing service are getting more and more requests for their guidance and support. The need for a BEGAE 182 assignment solution has become significant because colleges and universities are now offering courses that can help people to build their commendation skill set in English. You can have a look at the university assignment question and answer files shown below. The assignment has asked the student to write an essay on a current social issue and it is an individual assessment. Question File BEGAE182 Assignment Help BEGAE182 English Assignment Help Answer File Our expert has chosen the topic of COVID-19, as it is the biggest issue we are facing right now and created an essay on that. BEGAE182 BEGAE182 Assessment Answer

Why do we need to build a model for communication?

We think that we need the technical knowhow of our field to become successful in our career. We often forget about the need to develop an effective way of communicating our knowledge. Globalisation has facilitated the intermingling of people of distinct cultures and languages. Much before this, colonisation had introduced English to many parts of the world. Various multinational companies prefer English to be their official language among other languages because of its acceptability and vastness. They prefer to employ people who are deft at one or more skills:-
  • Impactful communication skills
  • Team workability
  • Skills for negotiation
  • Report and presentation-making skills
  • Skills for resolving conflicts
  • Creative writing and oratory skills
  • Interpersonal skills
All these skills are founded to involve the use of language to achieve a certain goal. Because of this, building good communication skills is imperative to work in a professional environment.

What is Communication as per the BEGAE 182 English Communication Skills?

The term communication traces its rot in Latin etymologically. It has been derived from the words ’communism’ which means to make something common and ‘communicate’ which means to share. It can be understood through the following definitions of BEGAE 182 English Communication Skills assessment answer:- Definition 1: Communication is a skill through which we speak, intonate, write, or express our thoughts, ideas, and emotions clearly and coherently. Definition 2: It is the process where we send or receive signals through established symbols to understand, know, inform, and improve our relations with the outside world. Definition 3: According to great linguist Robert Anderson, communication is the interchanging of ideas, opinions, or packets of information through speaking, writing, or gestures.

Importance of good communication

  • Affect your veracity: It is important in a professional life that you use the appropriate word. Poor knowledge of grammar doesn’t look good. Just imagine a scenario where you have used the word ‘accept’ instead of ‘except.’
  • Helps to make friends and build a network: there is no chance that you would be taken lightly if you can put yourself across clearly. You can avoid any confusion that may lead to conflict later on. So, choose your words wisely.
  • Promotion becomes likely: if you can show your employer about your special ability of effective communication, the likelihood of you being promoted becomes high.
  • Helps in creating a good impression: A person who can speak fluently is admired by all. It takes a lot of confidence and efforts to become a good orator.
  • Improves influencing skills: People endowed with the quality of understanding other people and what makes them tick reach great success in their career. This skill can only be developed by developing good interpersonal skills.

Let’s get started in improving your English communication skills!

Become an avid reader: Talking too much is defined by two words i.e. verbosity, loquacious, and garrulous. Although they represent the skill of talking, the first two terms are used neutrally or positively but the third one is rather derogatory. So, talking too much is not the solution. The real deal in is in talking effectively to get things done. A person can expand his knowledge and mesmerise through their words. This can only be achieved when you get indulged in the habit of reading. It improves vocabulary and helps to build better sentences. A good dictionary or thesaurus will add icing to the cake: Whenever you stumble upon a new word, try to find its meaning in a good dictionary. It would be better if you find that in a thesaurus. Through this exercise, you will be able to know the meaning of the new word, synonyms, and antonyms. Maintain a journal: A foolproof way to build your English is to maintain a journal. Try to write about new things that you have learned in a journal and try to incorporate them into your communication. In this way, you will never forget the meaning of the word.

It is more about the audience than the speaker

BEGAE 182: English assignments have revealed that communication is a two-way process. There is no point in expressing anything in a conversation if the speaker doesn’t pay any heed to the listener. Always remember, only a good listener could become a good orator. Here are some tips to pay heed to the audience:-
  • Do not over assert your point. Always respect the point of view of the other person.
  • The orator must try to know about the receiver’s interest, inclination, taste, onions, priority, background, qualification, tradition, environment, etc.
  • A person is the outcome of his circumstances but, we must never underestimate the listener. If the receiver feels a sense of disrespect, it will harness bad results for you.
  • Communication is the process where the sender and receiver pool their insights for a fruitful outcome.
Conflicts and miscommunication results in the resources of the organisation or society being spent in resolving disputes rather than employing them in developing. Therefore, given the current scenario, it has become important for people to communicate things in a better way. If you are struggling with your BEGAE 182 English Communication assignment opt for the best English assignment writing service only at Sample Assignment. We got the subject experts who can solve all your complexities with the blink of an eye. So, don’t waste time and place your order now.
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