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2023-12-01 09:47:48

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Best Online Learning Websites to Boost Your Employability
If you are a student who is not visiting home this University break, then it can be a great option to enrol into courses that can boost your employability. In addition to your graduate qualification, adding more relevant skills and gaining knowledge can enhance your chances to get employed easily. Nowadays, there are certain trending industries such as the SEO, Social Media, Google Ads, programming language, or cloud-based training programs. Students studying at the universities generally wish to visit home at the time of vacations but there are many who invest this time in learning new things. In this blog, we’ll talk about various certifications and courses that you can easily apply online and upgrade or learn new skills that will help you land the job of your choice. Just like a well-written assignment can boost your academic grades, similarly, having at least one-course certification will certainly improve your employability.

List of Excellent Courses and Certifications to Help You Lead the Way to Your Desired Job

The list of the best courses given below can set a path to get your desired job easily. However, some of these courses are free but for a few, you may have to pay a fee depending on the institution.

1. Google Information Technology and Support Professional Certification

This is a certification program developed by Google and is mainly designed for people who are a beginner to the role of IT support. Under this program, participants can come to learn about networking, operating systems, security, customer service, troubleshooting, and system administration through quizzes, widgets, video lectures, etc.

2. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

After completing this course successfully, students will have created data science project portfolios that bring enough confidence to drive into the Data Science profession. In addition to this, they will also earn a Professional Certificate from Coursera and a digital Badge from IBM.

3. MS Excel – Beginner to Advanced

Microsoft Excel is an important tool not only in business lives but also in our daily life. It helps in compiling all types of debit sheets, financial data, and credit sheets. With the help of this Microsoft tool, you can easily perform arithmetic problems as it is comprised of a vast database of different formulae which makes addition, subtraction, divide, and multiply easy.

4. Learn a foreign language

Getting enrolled to learn a foreign language can be quite helpful for non-native speakers. They come to learn about the vocabulary, sentences to be used properly, proper selection of words, etc. After successful completion of this course, students have a chance to explore a global career path.

5. Oracle SQL Certification Course

Oracle Database is one of the hottest topics nowadays in the field of technology. Pursuing the Oracle SQL certification course develops the skills and knowledge about online transaction processing, mixed database workloads, and data warehousing. So, these were a few trending and awesome online courses that you can enrol yourself to during this uni break. A lot of students have asked, ‘what are the best online learning platforms for short term courses?’ To help them out, our experts providing academic writing services in Australia have listed four websites that offer excellent online courses. They are – online courses

1.  Coursera

Coursera offers some of the top-rated courses through which you can polish your existing skills and earn a professional certificate that can help in starting a career in the field of data science. Here, you can develop the latest skills such as those in python, graphic designing, and business analytics that can give you a kick-start in the field of Information Technology, Cloud Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence.

2. Udemy

While browsing through Udemy, you will come to find that there are more than 100,000 cheap video courses available such as MS Excel, Social Media Marketing, and more. With the help of these videos, one can gain valuable knowledge depending on the interest and preferences of the individual itself.

3. edX

The courses available at edX are offered by well-regarded institutions like Harvard University, the University of Melbourne, etc. Here, you will find much-admired courses and depending on the skills and education you have, you can choose them. Pursuing courses in ethics in AI, Web Accessibility, Computer Science, and MS Service Adoption Specialist are a few that have always been helpful for students in getting a job quickly.

4. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that covers more than 4,000 courses related to the field of technology, business, and creative skills. All these courses are offered by a team of industry experts who have vast knowledge and years of experience in multiple fields.

Did You Find the Answer to Your Questions?

The above list of online courses and programs are compiled by our team of experts that provides academic writing services in Australia and globally. Academic consultants at Sample Assignment also assist students with admission, job, internship by providing them with a range of fresh information. We hope that with the help of these blogs, students can find answers to their questions related to the discussion topics. Apart from this, if you’re a student looking for assignment help in any subject, do let us know. We have professional academicians who have been helping students with their assignments and pass their semesters conveniently. Recommended: 
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