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Working in financial institutions around the world comes with several risks. Students in Australia who are enrolled in banking and finance courses have to come up with solutions for numerous issues that financial institutions face every day. To do this effectively, students need to be aware of the basic concepts that make up commercial banking and finance. To make this task easier for you, our team has spent hours researching the topics so that they can provide you with credible assignment assistance. For many years now, we have been tracking the changes that have taken place in the financial sphere of Australia.

According to our BFF2401 assessment help experts, there has been a major transition in the establishment of banking institutions in Australia. Due to the Covid pandemic, this sector has seen huge disruption which will now be added to the curriculum of this unit. Owing to the significance of this unit, we have collaborated with the top finance experts in Australia to help you out with the questions that may come your way. Since our establishment, we have tried our best to make sure that no query goes unanswered from our end. So, if you have some queries, or simply need some references, reach out to us.

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Some Vital Topics From This Unit That You Should Know About

A course like commercial banking and finance is bound to have a plethora of assignment topics that can force you to ask for finance academic assistance through online tutoring in Australia. Since our experts have spent years researching and working on these, they are confident that they can help you out. However, before we go on to discussing the sample, let us look at this list of topics that have come to us repeatedly:

  • Capital
  • Performance of the bank
  • Credit
  • Investment management
  • Risk management of the bank
  • The environment of the Australian banking system
  • Capital adequacy
  • Liability management
  • Interest rate risk
  • Loan pricing
  • Liquidity

Under the vast paradigm of commercial banking and finance, these are some of the most important topics that our team has worked upon in the past. Our online academic assistance through online tutoringer says that if you go through your assignments, you will also notice that most of them are centred around these concepts in one way or the other. Thus, if you are unclear about these, you can seek out our tutors and ask them to explain the concepts to you. They are available 24*7 to help you out.

Now, let us move on to the application of these topics in an assignment sample that was prepared by our team recently. You can go through it and see how our writers prepare assignments.

So, How Can You Approach An Assessment Like A Professional Writer?

Our crew has worked hard these past few years to establish a repository of valuable samples for students to lessen the challenges that come their way while drafting a BFF2401 commercial banking and finance assessment answer. These samples have been designed keeping in mind the complexities of financial issues and risks about the banking system that students in Australia need to know. Also, the topics we have mentioned above play a major role in these samples. So, let us see how our assignment writers draft these assignments:

bff2401 assessment help

Given above is the assessment brief that was given to us for a commercial banking and finance essay assignment. As you can see:

  • The main aim of this task is to write an essay on the analysis of the bank’s performance.
  • To do this, students have to utilise the DuPont model for examining the performance of the bank.
  • For presenting this information accurately, plot a graph that will showcase the annual return on the assets for the top four banks in Australia between 2014-19.
  • The main concepts that should be involved in this BFF2401 assessment answer are return on equity and leverage multiplier.
  • Four major banks that you can work for under this assessment are:
    • National Australia Bank
    • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    • Westpac Banking Corporation
    • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
  • Your graphs should showcase the return on equity and the annual return on assets.
  • After that, you can also present the calculations for the same.

bff2401 assessment sample

For the next part of this question, you have to:

  • Conduct a trend and peer analysis on all the information that has been represented in your graphs above.
  • With this analysis, our experts say that you can prepare the investment, operational, and funding strategies that are associated with the banking system.

With this, we come to an end of this BFF2401 commercial banking and finance assessment sample discussion. Keep in mind that this is not a complete solution. However, if you want a complete answer to this assessment or need some authentic literary sources, you can get in touch with us directly and get instant solutions to all your queries.

Our subject matter experts also offer one-on-one live sessions so that you can sit down with them face-to-face and learn the basics.

What Are Some Other Perks Of Availing Our Help?

Apart from the huge reserve of assignment samples, our quality check team is there to make sure that your assignment is plagiarism and error-free.

Thus, if you are looking for someone to do my assignment, you know where to find us. We look forward to hearing from you! All the best!

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