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BIZ101: Business Communications Assessment Answer
Students pursuing business-related courses such as Administration Diploma, Commerce Masters, Entrepreneur, Human Resource (HR), and International Business from Laureate International Universities are asked to deal with multiple assessments and BIZ101 assessment is one of them. This assignment has two important sections. In Part A, you are required to draft a proposal of 600 words, whereas Part B asks you to write a report in not more than 1200 words. In this blog, our business communication assignment help expert is going to briefly describe all the important parts of the assignment. Along with this, you will also find the best approach to write a BIZ101 Business Communication assessment answer. So, let’s read the given details. BIZ101 Business Communication assessment answer

Referencing is an Essential Part of BIZ101 Business Communication Assessments

In this page, we are going to only talk about the PART 2 of your assignment where you need to submit a 1200-word report. However, the context of BIZ101 Business Communication is proposed to highlight the referencing and research skills of a student which is also an important part of academic studies as well as business communication scenarios. To prepare a top-notch document for Laureate International Universities, you must apply reading, information seeking, and critical thinking skills which will help you in finding, examining, and synthesising information. This BIZ101 Business Communication requires at least 5 sources out of which, three must be taken from reliable academic sources like journals and articles and other sources can be like books, magazines, websites, YouTube, media sites, and Tedtalks. To solve the above-given assessment, you must refer to a few topics such as:
  • Use of Social Media within the organisation to communicate
  • Motivating employees by introducing innovative communication tools
  • Apply instant messaging, chat rooms, and discussion forums in the workplace
  • Use internal blogs, Podcasts, vlogs among employees to communicate
  • Implementing social intranet or internal intranet for employees’ interaction

Format of the BIZ101 Business Communication Report

Every assignment comes along with specific guidelines and students must prepare their papers accordingly. For example; the BIZ101 report writing task asks you to explain the communication technology, its uses, and disadvantages and advantages. However, to write the BIZ101 report, you should stick to the format given below:
  1. Examine the important factors that can be considered while implementing, recommendations, etc.
  2. Your topic for assessment 2A (Proposal) and 2B (Report) will be one the same topic.
  3. Combine the 4 sources of assessment 2A while writing your report.
  4. Conduct in-depth research as required for your report.
  5. Use APA 6th Edition style for referencing and citing the sources.
  6. Correct use of words, grammar, presentation, and academic writing.
  7. Include at least 2 academic references taken from journals, articles, or textbooks and 2 non-academic references.

Does Your BIZ101 Business Communication Report Include the Following Sections?

Critical Thinking and Supporting Evidence Having inadequate knowledge of concepts and analysis of the selected topic can create huge trouble for students like they might fail to address the use of communication technology, benefits, disadvantages, and more. Thus, it is important to have a better understanding of the concepts and comprehensive critical analysis skills. Do not have such knowledge and skills? Let our business communication assignment professionals know about your issues and we assure you to provide a well-written assignment to your university. Executive Summary It is a short section of a report that is created for business purposes. Within this, you are required to briefly introduce the report, business plan, problems that it resolves, etc. Have a look at the sample of an executive summary that might help you in writing BIZ101: Business Communication Assessment Executive Summary. BIZ101: Business Communication Assessment Executive Summary Introduction This is one of the most important sections of an academic assignment whether you are writing an essay, case study, dissertation, research paper, or a report. In the introduction, you must focus on the following:
  • Concentrate on the subject of the report to attract the reader's attention;
  • Give clear and strong background information;
  • Include definitions depending on the requirement;
  • Briefly explain the key argument of your report;
  • Provide a concise purpose for the report.
Conclusion In the conclusion section, you are required to summarise all the key discussions, issues, approaches, recommendations, etc. Do not include any points which have not been discussed in the report. Both, the conclusion and the introduction, should be each minimum of 10% of the total length of the report. Suggests and recommendations must be clear, justified, and succinct based on the analysis and practical understanding of the topic. As per our business plan assignment help experts, you must focus on one or two traits of your topic and compare them with other solutions to explain which one is the best option. Recommendation References It is clearly mentioned in the instructions that APA 6th Edition reference style should be used for citing the resources. Refer the below-given snapshot to know how to reference materials in APA 6th Edition: references

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