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bsb123 data analysis factors affecting exam performance

BSB123 is a research-based assignment which deals with the factors affecting exam performance in data analysis. Students who have been assigned this kind of task must have to include primary data as well as secondary data. Sample Assignment is available to help you if you feel stressed with your BSB123 Data Analysis assessment. The data analysis experts have provided few details and approach to solve this assessment.

Background of BSB123 Factors Affecting Exam Performance in Data Analysis

BSB123 Data Analysis assignment is being offered by the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. This part of the assessment generally deals in building a strong foundation for statistical literacy and statistical thinking development. These both terms are important for the success of a business. Furthermore, it is an essential part of business studies. In this assignment, you are appointed as the research analyst where you are required to find data and report to the project officer. You will have to complete three tasks given in the assignment that are as followed:

  • Task 1 (T-Test)
  • Task 2 (Regression)
  • Task 3 (Further Analysis)


Approach For TASK 1 (T-TEST)

The BSB123 Data Analysis assignment expert says that in order to answer the task 1, you are required to create a table which should indicate the different components of descriptive statistics. For example -

Mean 29.25737179
Standard Error 0.499580343
Median 27
Mode 25.5
Standard Deviation 12.47951298
Sample Variance 155.7382441
Kurtosis -0.547977466
Skewness 0.41893052
Range 54
Minimum 5
Maximum 59
Sum 18256.6
Count 624
Confidence Level(95.0%) 0.98106543

It will be helpful to gain an insight of the marks obtained by students. In the above chart, it can be seen that the mean value of the total marks is 29.25. Additionally, you are required to state the null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, set the level of significance, calculate the test statistic, accept or reject the null hypothesis and at last draw a conclusion. Moreover, the value of t-stat should be compared with t critical two tail and then conclude is there any significant statistical difference between the exam performance of males and females student. BSB123 Data Analysis assessment answers BSB123 Data Analysis Factors Affecting Exam Performance

TASK 2 (Regression)

Approach To Be Followed To Answer TASK 2 (REGRESSION)

To answer the task 2 of BSB123 Data analysis assignment, you have to follow few steps which are Gender, Gender and Degree, Gender, Degree type and country of citizenship, Gender, degree type, country of citizenship and lecture attendance. The BSB 123: Data Analysis - Factors Affecting Exam Preparation experts say that this task will include a diagram for each step that has been given above. If any kind of issue is faced in answering this assessment task, simply get help from Sample Assignment. TASK 3 (Further Analysis) In this assignment, you are asked to discuss the results that have been obtained from task 1 and task 2. The project offers says to conduct a separate regression analysis for the students who are pursuing single and double degrees.

Approach Followed For TASK 3

The BSB123 experts have conducted separate regression analysis for single and double degree students. The below given table displays the level regression outcome for both single and double degree students. The table given below is the highlight of the regression result after considering only single degree students. The regression model looks like:

SUMMARY OUTPUT                
Regression Statistics              
R square 0.257210409              
Adjusted R square 0.066157194              
Regression Statistics 0.060122669              
Multiple R 12.09854724              

  The regression model for students pursuing a double degree can be presented in the following way:

SUMMARY OUTPUT                
Regression Statistics              
Multiple R 0.256808              
R Square 0.06595              
Adjusted R Square 0.059596              
Standard Error 12.09717              
Observations 593              

 Now, with the above regression models, you will be required to conclude which model has a better predictive capacity on the basis of gender, Gender and Degree, Gender, Degree type and country of citizenship, Gender, degree type, country of citizenship and lecture attendance.

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