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BSBINN601 deals with the unit of management on Lead and Manage Organizational Change. This unit concerns itself with concepts of management involved in designing and determining change, opportunities, and methods of bringing about change and developing and implementing such courses of action of change and other management strategies.

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Components Of BSBINN601 Lead And Manage Organizational Change Assignment Answer

The elements involved in a BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organizational Change Assignment Answer involve bringing about change in an organization. It deals with the steps that the leader or managed needs to take to lead and manage the processes of change, which are as follows:

  • Identifying the requirements and opportunities for change:

The first step involves the component of why change is required. The first change of bringing change is considering and understanding the requirements of getting a change. It can solve an existing problem, increase work performance and output, or keep up with the changing market or technology. Analysis and discussion of the organization's objectives and the changing market demands and current conditions and production of work are needed to understand change requirements. The next step is to prioritize the requirements of change or opportunities for change. For this process, discussions, and consultations with existing employees, stakeholders, customers, stakeholders, and other specialists.

  • Developing the management strategy for implementing change

Developing the management strategy for implementing change involves undertaking a cost-benefit analysis for implementing the change requirements and opportunities. Implementing change also involves risk analysis before implementing the system. Problem-solving and analytical skills are crucial to designing change strategies. To implement the change effectively, it is necessary to develop a plan for change and management. Approvals from relevant authorities must be obtained before implementing change, and required resources should be provided for the project.

  • Implementing change management strategies:

Implementing change management strategies is the most challenging section of the process of bringing change. This step involves developing a communication or education plan to educate people about the process and reasons for change. It consists of arranging and managing activities of implementing change while taking care that all forms of communication regarding the transformation are performed in detail.

Consultation with the relevant stakeholders, authorities, and persons is necessary, and their input should be considered with implementing the change process. Moreover, barriers to change and side effects of change should be dealt with appropriately according to risk management plans. The interventions and policies implemented should be regularly checked, and feedback on those should be received from time to time. The effects of the change processes implemented should be measured from time to time. Thus, the change processes should be evaluated and the project plan can be modified accordingly.

Career Opportunities In Management

Mastering the BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organizational Change Assignment Solution is one of the crucial aspects of management. There are various career opportunities in management which include opportunities to work as administrative service managers, agricultural, sales managers, in human resources, like childcare and other care center directors, legislators, social and community service managers, top executives and so on.

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