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BSBMGT502 deals with the unit of management on manage people performance. This coursework is offered by many Australian universities like Victoria, Open University, etc. this unit is included in many courses like Diploma of Personal Injury and Disability Insurance management, finance and mortgages management, public safety areas, automotive management, human resources, etc.

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BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance Assignment Solution

The BSBMGT502 deals with managing the performance of the staff working underneath the manager and the group that the leader manages. Managing a team is a work of knowledge and several skills, and BSBMGT502 also deals with it. Performance management is done by measuring key result areas and performance indicators and the standards set versus those achieved by the individual and the team as a whole.

The scope of this unit of BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance assignment solution includes the link between performance management and the development of performance and notes that both of these functions are vital roles of the manager. The components involved in BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance assignment solution are as follows:

  • Allocating work

The first step in the process is the allocation of work. Distribution of work is done in consultation with relevant groups and individuals and considering the availability of resources. Work plans are then developed and designed, which can be operationalized. The main aim is to allocate work in the most efficient, cost-effective, and goal focussed manner.

When any given job is distributed, it is necessary to discuss and frame the performance standards and requirements that the individual or group must achieve while completing the work. Poorer quality of work than the standards set will call for working again and not be accepted by the heads. Meanwhile, a risk analysis is also conducted when allocating work. 

  • Assessing performance

In the first step, the standards of performance to be met are set forth and communicated to the individuals when work is given to them. However, the process does not end here. Appropriate and effective performance management processes and review processes should be designed to keep in mind the organization's aims and objectives. Apart from communicating the requirements to the participants, they should also be trained in the same area to help them develop their performance. After that, performance management should be conducted following the protocols and policies of the organization and timelines. The evaluation of performance is not a process of one single time but should be executed repetitively and continuously.

  • Providing feedback

Providing feedback is a very crucial part of performance management and development. This enables the individual to reflect on their performance, their work ethic and change it accordingly to increase work output and better performance. Therefore, informal feedback should be provided to the staff on a frequent and regular basis.

Moreover, the individual should be informed about his poor performance, his reasons for such behaviour should be understood and help and guidance should be provided to them for improvement of their performance. On the job coaching and training programs can be provided to boost excellence in the working process.

Furthermore, apart from the informal steps, performance should be regularly documented in the performance system of the organization. Based on this, formal structured feedback and sessions should be conducted to discuss performance and ways to improve it. 

  • Managing follow-ups

The process of performance management and development does not end at feedback but also involves managing the process of improving performance post feedback sessions. BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance involves reinforcing the excellence and development of performance by providing recognition, continuous feedback, praise and other incentives.

Moreover, help and coaching should be provided to the poorer performers and their work should be monitored. Support services should be provided as and when required. Individuals who keep on working below the average performance levels should be counselled and if necessary, disciplinary actions should be taken against them as the last resort. This should never be the initial option. There can be cases where you may need to terminate the staff but this should be done kindly and following legal and organisational policies and requirements.

Writing the BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance Assignment Answer

Writing the BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance Assignment Answer is indeed difficult. Implementing and designing an effective People Performance strategy requires doing the following steps:

  • Consulting stakeholders to determine the standards of performance and work requirements.
  • Creating a workplace and assigning desired results to the individuals and groups.
  • Evaluation of work and providing continuous feedback.
  • Receiving continuous feedback from supervisors, stakeholders and others regarding one’s work in managing the team.
  • Documenting and keeping track of performance and growth.
  • Discussing the legislative requirements and related policies.
  • Making a list of certified coaches and awards and certificates to be provided to the team.
  • Discussing staff development options.
  • Assessing workplace resources.
  • Assessment of team coordination and communication strategies.

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