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BSBRSK501 Assessment Answer

The BSBRSK501 unit is essential for students who want to understand and combat the risks that can arise in different situations across an organisation or a specific group. To be assessed as competent for this particular unit, you need to complete several tasks suitably. These assignments usually include written questions, risk management projects, risk management implementation projects, and risk management process evaluation reports. Luckily for you, we are here to help you in drafting the best risk management projects of your life. Let us get started!

Learn How to Prepare Solutions For-

  • The Written Answer Assignment:

According to our BSBRSK501 risk management assessment help experts, these kinds of questions generally have a range of instructional words like ‘identify’ or ‘explain’ in them which tell you how to go about these problems. When facing these assignments, you need to prepare your solutions according to the instructions:

  • Analyse– Analyse the situation in detail to identify the important points and key features.
  • Compare– Here you will need to showcase how two or more things are similar, and then indicate the relevance of the results.
  • Discuss– In these questions, you should point out important issues, and express critical judgement.
  • Describe– To answer this question properly, state the most noticeable features or qualities.
  • Evaluate– Put forward your arguments, both in favour of and against something
  • Explain– Make it clear how or why something happened, or why is it the way it is.
  • Identify– This means that you need to briefly describe the information required.
  • Outline–Here, you only need to give the main points of the situation.

Keeping these small details in mind will go a long way in helping you prepare accurate assessment solutions.

  • Risk Management Projects:

As one of the leading assignment maker online, we suggest that you develop a risk management briefing report that is associated with the idea of a business expansion for this assignment. You will need to meet with the team, research the risks, brainstorm ideas, and then produce a carefully drafted document. The 6 major steps for preparing this assignment are:

  • Develop a briefing report- Review the case study information provided to you, go through the company’s risk management policy, and review recent team meetings on the same. Your report will contain an introduction, the extent of risk management, the outline of your risk management process, a PESTLE analysis, and an examination of the factors critical to success.
  • Send an email to your assessor- Keep it short, grammatically correct, and informative.
  • Send an invite to your team- Like the one you sent to your assessor, send an email to the team, and invite them for a brainstorming session.
  • Conduct the meeting- After giving a brief introduction, engage with your team in coming up with ideas for better risk management. Discuss the risks you have previously identified, agree on the ones that seem most important, and close the meeting by thanking all participants.
  • Develop a plan for risk management- The final part of this assessment is to create a risk management plan that includes the risks you have identified in the meeting, an assessment of the likelihood of the risk occurring, at least one suitable treatment measure, and an action plan for the same.
  • Notify your CEO through email- Attach your risk management plan to an email and let the CEO know about your thoughts and ideas of the same.
  • Risk Implementation Projects:

For this BSBRSK501 assessment answer, you will have to assume that one of the risks you had previously identified may come true soon. Thus, you will have to professionally train and develop the existing staff so that they can fulfil their roles appropriately. You will need to ensure that the staff has an excellent product and company knowledge, as well as smooth customer skills. The task has 5 major steps:

  • Start by writing a report: On the staff training options and reviewing the potential training options that can be applied. Select at least three suitable options.
  • Send an email to the CEO: As we have mentioned before. Introduce your ideas and summarise the contents of your reports. Seek the assessor’s approval before moving forward.
  • Send an email to the staff members: who will be undergoing your training. You need to provide all the essential details of the training in the email.
  • Assess your performance: Once the training has been completed, and your plan is put into action, check the implementation of the plan through customer surveys, sales data analysis, staff surveys, and performance reviews.
  • Email your assessor: Let your CEO know of your accomplishments through an email.
  • Risk management Process Projects:

In this assignment, you will be asked to answer different questions that can evaluate the risk management process you have completed before. This assignment comprises of three simple steps:

  • Develop an evaluation report: Review the questions given by your supervisor and prepare a report assessing your previous work. Consider the level of difficulty of your task, if the staff meetings were helpful, and how confident are you in your abilities.
  • Organise your documents: To demonstrate your work logically, sort it in different folders according to the assignment, and label the files properly.
  • Send an email to your examiner: Just like before, send an email to your supervisor.

If you require any other kind of management assessment answer, do not hesitate to reach to us!

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