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BSBWHS501: Ensure A Safe Workplace Assessment Answer
The University of Tasmania, Australia is the best choice for students interested in pursuing diploma, undergraduate, and doctorate courses. Every year more than 1000 students get enrolled in TAS University to earn diploma certificates. During the course, they undergo different units and one of them is BSBWHS50. Under this unit, you learn the skills and knowledge important to develop, manage, and evaluate work health and safety policies, programs, and procedures of an organisation related to the work area. According to WHS legislative requirements, this unit takes a systematic approach and direct compliances. This diploma course asks students to deal with an assessment i.e. BSBWHS501: Ensure a Safe Workplace. The assessment includes three tasks i.e. Assessment 1 (Project), Assessment 2 (Role-play/ Project), and Assessment 3 (PPT/Project). To solve these assessments you must have the managerial skills and subject knowledge to demonstrate judgement, autonomy, and responsibility in changing or known context. Our business management assignment experts have described all the essential information, requirement, and idea ways to write a top-notch assessment paper. So, let’s have a look at the details given below. BSBWHS501 assessment answer As our business management assignment help experts have said that there are 3 different assessment including a project and PPT. Being a student, you have to complete all these assessments collecting information from sources like textbooks, the internet, learning workbooks, and other documents.

Brief Detail of BSBWHS501: Ensure a Safe Workplace Assessment

Assessment 1: Project Work To attempt assessment 1, you have to develop and plan a WHS management system for an Australian hardware fictional organisation that too helps them in complying with the WHS legislation. You are required to make the best use of scenario and organisational information given in the task Appendices which is quite helpful in finding and using sources to plan and develop the system, collect a portfolio of evidence which includes documentation samples and draft a report that demonstrates and duty holders, highlight the system, and approval required. BSBWHS501 Assessment Assessment 2: Project Work and Role Play In assessment task 2: Project work and role play, students are said to use WHSMS planning information and WHS policies which helps initiate consultation concerned with developing and managing WHS risk and comply risk management. BSBWHS501 task Assessment 3: Project Work and PowerPoint Presentation For this assessment, you are asked to analyse the developed Australian Hardware WHS management system case study organisation based on Assessment Tasks 1 and 2. Based on the business and case information given in the appendices, evaluate the effectiveness of the WHSMS. Additionally, suggest recommendations that should be included in the report and develop a plan to bring these recommendations in action.

BSBWHA501: Assessment Requirements

To write a perfect document for an assessment, few requirements must be fulfilled appropriately. In the same way, BWBWHA501: Ensure a safe workplace assessment requires a specific requirement that is explained below by our business management assignment writer.
  1. Performance Evidence
Certain skill and knowledge are attained by students to achieve a qualification which can be termed as performance evidence. The performance evidence of the ability is to:
  • Develop, maintain, implement, and analyse the WHS management system of an organisation including procedures, policies, and record-keeping of WHS legislation.
  • To make sure that the organisational WHS acquiescence developing, managing, implementing, and evaluating effectiveness to control WHS including finding and approving the resources needed, identifying duty holders, and establishing and carry out a training program.
  • Develop, maintain, enforce, and evaluate the processes required for identifying hazards, and controlling risks effectively by the use of risk control hierarchies.
  1. Knowledge Evidence
To complete the BSBWHA501 assessment safely and effectively, the students are required to know knowledge evidence which includes:
  • The knowledge of related WHA regulations, Acts, and code of practice
  • Demonstrate WHS organisational procedures, policies, practices, and programs
  • Describe risk management processes and hazard identification
  • Explain the hierarchy to control risk and ways to implement it in an organisation

Skills Required To Complete BSBWHA501 Assessment Tasks

Students willing to write BSBWHA501: Ensure a Safe Workplace assessment task must have certain foundation skills such as language, numeracy, literacy, and employment skills. Our business management assignment experts have categorised foundation skills in the following:


This section deals with evaluating, organising, and critique information and ideas related to WHS policies, procedures, legislation, and programs. Writing The writing skill is very much important for BSBWHA501 assessment because it builds and cultivates WHS policies, programs, and programs by using suitable and related vocabulary, sentence structure, grammatically correct, and conventions to produce. Additionally, take down the WHS decisions. Oral Communication Having oral communication skills helps you in seeking information from others and presents that information in an appropriate structure and suitable language from the reader’s point of view. Moreover, you will be able to give information that can help resolve WHS issues. Numeracy The numeracy skills assist students in choosing and applying a wide range of mathematical and problem-solving strategies in finding human as well as financial resources.

Best Approaches To Complete BSBWHA501: Ensure a Safe Workplace Assessment

Students finding difficulties in writing BSBWHA501: Ensure a Safe Workplace Assessment can follow the methods and information explained below by our assignment help experts. They are –

Develop a WHS Management System in an organisation

  • Locate, adjust, adapt, and impart WHS policies which specifically characterise the workplace duty to conforming with WHS enactment
  • Find duty holders and explain the responsibilities of WHS regarding all work environment personnel in the work territory as per WHS strategies, methodology, legislation, and projects
  • Find and approve Human and financial resources required by the WHS management system

Develop and manage WHS in the work area

  • Collaborate with workers and representatives to develop and manage participation arrangements as per the WHS legislation
  • Overcome the issues related to consultation and participation arrangements according to WHS legislation
  • Also, provide information related to participation and consultation outcomes to workers and make sure it is easy to understand and access.

Develop and Manage Procedures to identify hazards, and control risks effectively

  • Prescribe procedures for current hazard findings, assess and control the related risks
  • Hazards should be included in the stages of identifying, designing, planning, and evaluation in the workplace.
  • Create and manage the processes of choosing and enforcing risk controls as per the WHS legislative requirements and hierarchy of control
  • Find out the inadequacies in current risk controls. Also, list the resources required to enable the enforcement of new measures

Get the BSBWHA501: Ensure a Safe Workplace Assessment With Sample Assignment

Getting assignment help from us will help you in developing plans and processes required to manage complex WHS management tasks. Moreover, we assist you in different ways such as dissertation writing, online exams, quizzes, proofreading & editing, essay writing help, case study analysis, research paper writing, etc. We have professional writers for finance, information technology, nursing, accounts, marketing, business, management, law, etc. We have drawn multiple BSBWHA501 business management assignments for students studying in UTS, LA Trobe, Bond University, UNSW, Deakin University, Charles Sturt’s University, and more. Do you need help with the BSBWHA501 assessment? Avail business management assignment services in Australia by Sample Assignment. With us, you will get the best and accurate document written by subject-matter experts at affordable prices.
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