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buma131 business management  luvuyo rani case study assessment answer

Students studying Business Management courses from The Independent Institute of Education have to cope with a BUMA131: Business Management assignment. In this assignment, you are given a case study or case scenario and asked to answer a few questions based on that case study. Writing this assignment can be interesting and easy if you have complete subject knowledge and writing skills. After successful completion of the BUMA131: Business Management assignment, you will acknowledge that you have understood the rules concerned with assignment and assessment followed in The Independent Institute of Education Assessment Strategy and Policy and also, the rules and regulations given in the student portal.

Background of the BUMA131 Business Management Assessment

If you are a student and willing to write this assignment on your own then you must have adequate knowledge of the topics covered during the study. In this assignment, you will be asked questions based on entrepreneurial characteristics, economic system, partnership firm, challenges faced by a young entrepreneur in South Africa, and more.

Instructions to complete the BUMA131: Business Management Assignment Answer

Hopefully, being a student, you may have written assignments earlier for your college. If yes, you may have noticed that each assignment comes with a set of instructions and guidelines and assignments should be prepared accordingly. In the same way, the BUMA131 assignment too has few instructions that have been described by our Luvuyo Rani Case Study help experts below.

  1. Make sure that the materials of your paper are not copied from any other sources, even if have correctly referenced them unless it is a direct quote and indicated in quotation marks.
  2. Direct quotes should not be more than 10%.
  3. Your assignment should not have more than 25% of a similar index, if not it will be checked for plagiarism. Ensure to provide an originality report along with the assignment.
  4. Your assignments should be typed.
  5. Each section must be written on a separate page.
  6. Design your assignment as per the instructions given on the cover sheet.
  7. Don’t take help from your friends as this is an individual assignment.
  8. Each material must be correctly referenced.

Role of Referencing in BUMA131 Assignment

The basic fundamental principle in academics is to provide evidence-based materials and reference them properly by using APA, Harvard, Chicago, or MLA referencing style. Hence, The Independent Institute of Education says that it is important for a student to have adequate referencing skills for better academic standards. Students who fail to reference their materials properly can be penalised with 5 marks as per the following guidelines such as un-cited work, evidence of plagiarism, forget or improper referencing. Therefore, our business management assignment expert has listed a few tips for you. They are -

  • Include proper in-text and referencing style as per The IIE’s Intellectual Integrity Policy (0023)
  • Correctly apply the page numbers, quotation marks, publishing years, and other details while referencing
  • Exemption for up to two minor mistakes
  • Each source should be included in the reference list

BUMA131: Business Management Assignment Sample

Before answering the questions, you must read and understand the Luvuyo Rani case study given below. BUMA131 Business Management Assignment Sample Luvuyo Rani Case Study Assessment Answer BUMA131 Question

How to Answer the BUMA131: Business Management Assignment Questions?

If you are writing BUMA131: Business Management assignment for the first time, you might need a business management assignment writing service at different stages. It is because writing a business management assignment for IIE is not an easy task as you have to answer the questions accurately; referencing should be done appropriately as per the instruction; the paper should be unique, etc. However, our experts offering Luvuyo Rani Assignment help in South Africa have provided few hints and approaches that can surely help in writing answers. Question 1 BUMA131 As it can be seen in the above question, you must identify the 5 entrepreneurial characteristics based on the above-given case study that helped Luvuyo Rani to his business successful. According to our business management experts, the five entrepreneurial attributes can be –

  • Hard work and dedication for his business
  • Passion
  • Obtaining rewards
  • Creating new ventures
  • Profit potential

question 2 BUMA131

To answer this question, you must be focused on the economic system in which Silulo Ulutho Technologies is operating. However, our assignment experts say that an individual who is writing this assignment must explain the term economic system first and then explain what to produce, how to produce, what should be the quantity, and how to distribute in respect of Silulo Ulutho Technologies. Question 3 BUMA131

In this competitive world, there is a lot of competition and alternatives in the market no matter whether you are starting a private or partnership firm. The following points to be considered in both the private and partnership firms are – organization, liability, management style, and Steadiness. Question 4 BUMA131

  1. Based on the above case study, it can be said that the top three challenges faced by the Luvuyo Rani were capital, cash flow management, and marketing strategy. Thus, to answer this question correctly, explain these three challenges.
  2. Now, you should identify the best ways to overcome the above challenges. The possible answers can be like –
  • Develop proper budgeting and planning
  • Focus on the core customers
  • Create new marketing plans

To solve the rest of the questions, you can contact Sample Assignment. The business assignment writing experts are well-versed with the BUMA131 assignment covered by the IIE Institute of South Africa. Many of our writers have pursued higher degrees from the University of South Africa, University of Pretoria, Stellenbosch University, University of Cape Town, etc. Therefore, they know the referencing styles used in South Africa, writing styles to be followed while writing assignments, and many academic rules. So, do not worry about the BUMA131: Business Management assessment and just place your order with us.

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