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BUMGT1501 Management Principles: Sunset Prayers Case Study
The Federation University of Australia is a dual-sector university that offers online technical and further education courses in following campuses; Horsham, Churchill, Stawell, Ararat, and Berwick. Federation University is one of the oldest universities in Australia which was built in 1870. It offers undergraduate and research-based courses in different areas. Today, we are going to talk about how to write the BUMGT1501 Management Principles assessment answers. It includes two assessment tasks, the details of which are explained below by our management assignment writing experts.

Case Study of Sunset Prayers BUMGT1501 Management Principles assessment case study

On the basis of the above case scenario, identify, evaluate, and discuss different management concepts and theories that can be used by managers as well as the organisations to operate effectively and efficiently. We know that this report is based on the case study; still, you need to use academic resources including academic references and citations. BUMGT1501 task Question 1 The external organisational environment can determine the success or failure of an organisation. What external environmental components/elements have impacted Frank Piechowski’s company, and how so? Question 2 Referring to the theories of motivation in your textbook, how can Frank Piechowski use two of these theories in his workplace to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of workers in the organisation?

Structure to be followed while preparing your report

The main objective of this report is to highlight the management concepts and theories based on the given real-life case study. A report is written with a specific format such as Title, Summary, Introduction, Body, Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendations, and Appendices but in the BUMGT1501 Management Principles assessment task 2, your structure will include the title page, executive summary, and table of content, introduction, discussion, conclusion, recommendations, quality, and references. For further clarification and to understand the detailed structure, you can speak to our management assignment writing expert.
  1. Preliminaries
This section is not included in the word count. It includes the title page of a report, table of content based on what you are going to discuss, and executive summary.
  1. Start writing the executive summary
An executive summary is not only a part of business documents but it is also written in most of the assignments if asked by the university. The purpose of writing an executive summary is to propose a decision rather than information. You must state need, problem, goal, and desired outcome.

Executive Summary Sample for BUMGT1501 Management Principles assessment

Executive Summary Sample for BUMGT1501 Introduction An introduction in a report is written with a purpose to contract between the writer, reader, and you. There are 3 key functions in an introduction, i.e., purpose, the scope of the document, and preparing a roadmap to the content. Thus, it is important for a writer to include the key message, along with adequate background information to engage your reader. Your introduction should be short and precise with the oriented document but avoid extraneous information. For example: BUMGT1501 Management Principles assessment example Discussion In this section, you must discuss terms like the external organisational environment and theories of motivation. The external organisational environment is an outside element of an organisation that impacts the performance of a firm either directly or indirectly. The organisations are mostly influenced by customers, suppliers, and competitors. Moreover, political, economic, legal, socio-cultural, and technology are the few external environments that can influence the organisation’s failure or success. In the same way, you must identify and explain the theories of motivation based on the above-given case study. If you find any sort of difficulties in writing the discussion part of your report, then do take help from our management assignment writing services that are available round the clock to assist you with all the academic concerns. Recommendations In your report, you can compare two or more services, products, or cases and make a recommendation that suggests how to overcome a specific challenge in the future. In this case study, our management assignment help expert finds out that the firm is required to adapt to the external environment system. It is important to utilise environment intelligence to find support and uncertainties to take appropriate actions in terms of performance and productivity. Our assignment help experts recommend to focus on the following:
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Reduce resource dependence
  • Re-organisation and organisation design
These are just the examples; you can also make a few recommendations based on your analysis. Conclusion The conclusion is an important part of every academic paper whether it is an essay, dissertation, case study, report, or any other. The main purpose of writing a conclusion is to restate or paraphrase the main arguments you have discussed in the report. A good conclusion creates opportunities to showcase your understanding to a reader about a topic or subject. Our assignment help experts have illustrated some key rules for your conclusion:
  • Restate the key argument
  • Create an effective conclusion
  • Avoid introducing new recommendations, arguments, or any other information.
  • Keep the conclusion concise and up to the point.
  • Summarise the drawbacks, problems, and challenges.
References References are included on the last page of the assignment. It includes all the sources used by the writer to find data, information, and other materials such as diagrams, figures, etc. Our management assignment writing experts have knowledge about all types of references such as APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, and more.

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