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CHCCCS015 Assessment Answer

CHCCCS015 Assessment Answer describes the scope and operating power of the skills and knowledge required to give assistance and guidance as established by the individualised support services. These services are developed for the individual who wants to access the services that are needed. There are means to achieve an end. The service sector and other allied domains cannot survive if work executed there is not administered properly.

Populations consist of different kinds of people and they need assistance to get the benefit of services that society has to offer them. This is where individualised support comes. Some of the features of providing individualised support are to identify when to seek additional support when in need. This is done in a situation where a particular task is outside the purview of the assigned tasks or job description like contacting a chiropractor on the doctor’s behalf.

Seeking advice for a task not assigned

You might need to follow some protocol and take advice by following a plan. Here is a list of some situations when you can seek advice from others:-

  • If you are new to a job and are facing problems in identifying the correct layout of the plan, understanding it, and facing trouble following it.
  • You are supporting a person for the first time and you are not very well-versed with the minute needs that they might have. This problem may persist if the person is not able to communicate properly. Case studies on this may be found in a CHCCCS015 assignment sample. The instructions that are mentioned in the manual to be followed in the letter seem outdated to you or are ambiguous.
  • The person that needs individualised support has requested you to do something that is not mentioned in the job description like procuring medicines without any prescription.
  • It is advisable to seek advice from experienced personnel when the manual of plan or instructions is way beyond what is described by your job description, role, responsibility, experience, or ability.

You must contact your supervisor at once for seeking guidance if any of the above-mentioned problems persist. If you are working in a team, teammates or colleagues could be contacted to get a clear picture. The following things must be kept in mind while seeking guidance and providing CHCCCS015 assessment answers:-

  • The first person of contact in doubt is your manager or team lead to clear the clouds of ambiguity on the job role.
  • Try to build the relevant skillset, gather knowledge, and wisdom that your peers possess in the team who have been working for a long time. You must know and understand who is responsible for an area or domain.
  • All the policies and guidelines of the organisation in which you’re working must be reviewed periodically to follow all the protocols. It is important to understand this cope with your role to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

Most of the providing individualised support is to know when you need to take the advice of an expert. One of them is to make sure that the person who is seeking assistance is well-acquainted with his rights and duties. CHCCCS015 assignment help online can help you build one. As per the CHCCCS015 assignment solution, the indispensable feature of individualised support is to ensure the delivery of services that are specially curated for the person in need. It has been observed that organisations offer a wide range of services for an individual to choose from. In some cases, it was seen that there was no choice left for the service provider as they were required to do what they were instructed to do. Now, things have changed.

These services have become more personalised. Enterprise providing individualised support services are now making plans that suit both the service taker and provider. It eliminates the chance of making services different pigeon holes according to which a person needs to modulate. Now, a person seeking support may change or later any support or even refuse to take it if they feel the need.

Human Rights and its Significance Human rights are fundamental rights that all human beings have under them being born as human beings. It is inherent to all humans irrespective of their caste, color, creed, age, gender, nationality, etc. It is a significant part of the CHCCCS015 assignment help. The rights of people who are dependent on community services for meeting their needs include these fundamental and inherent rights like the right to choose, right to food, right to move freely, right to livelihood, right to shelter, right to education, right to hold and practice religious beliefs, Right against exploitation, right against discrimination, etc. With this, we can infer that a person who is having a right confers a corresponding duty upon others. If his right is violated, he can complain and move to the court of law to get justice.

Prioritising People’s Preferences

Giving individualised support doesn’t mean that agencies and service providers overtake their right to choose and start making a decision of their lives presuming what is good for these people. An individualised support plan must be made keeping in mind the goals and expectations of the individual for whom it is made. A good example of it may be given by a CHCCCS015 assignment writing service. These expectations are based on a person’s inclination towards a particular thing. Premeditated plans often conflict with the individuality of the person seeking assistance and make them feel victimised. So, whenever an individualized plan is built, ask yourself these questions as a test to identify whether the plan is apt for the person or not:-

  • What is held by the person as dear?
  • What qualities can quantify as his strength?
  • What resources are available to them?
  • What comes first on his list of priorities?
  • To what kind of circumstances were they subjected?
  • What is creating obstacles in making them realize their dreams?
  • How would taking support affect them physically or psychologically?
  • Can we set some small reaching goals to boost the self-confidence in the person?
  • What are their driving principles and ethical values?

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