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CHCECE024 Assessment Answers

The CHCECE024 assessment answers unit is important for educators as it helps them design, implement, and evaluate the curriculum in a manner that fosters children’s learning and development. Numerous students have come to us looking for help in the past. That is why today we are discussing a case study from this unit and showing you how our professionals would handle it. Let us get started.

Task- Case study: In This CHCECE024 Assessment Answers, Our Experts Were Asked To

  1. Prepare a program that includes different experiences that are useful for fostering a child's learning.
  2. Include five strategies that can be used to evaluate the program.
  3. Link it to the NQS, EYLF, and centres procedures and policy when you design this environment.

Preparing Program for CHCECE024 Assessment Answers

For this CHCECE024 design and implement the curriculum to foster children’s learning and development assessment answer, our experts would start by preparing the program and including some important experiences on different days of the week:

  • Monday can be about showcasing the creative nature of a child through painting. Additionally, you can also explore a garden or a park with them for their overall development and helping them plant seeds or water plants.
  • For Tuesday, the child can be engaged in cognitive activities like scavenger hunts or memory games.
  • Wednesday can include construction activities with a wooden block or some picture puzzles.
  • On Thursday, the child can be introduced to some musical instruments or language books and fairy tales.
  • Fridays will see the child playing outdoors and participating in water play or dancing sessions.

All these activities can be planned methodically as part of the program that will help the children develop their skills. After this, our professionals will present a list of outcomes that could be observed in the child. If the above-mentioned plan is followed, the outcomes for the CHCECE024 assessment answers can include:

  • An assessment of the child’s sense of identity.
  • How children connect or do not connect with the world.
  • The child’s sense of wellbeing.
  • If the child is an involved and confident learner.
  • The domains and developmental milestones of a child’s communication skills

For further learning and development, the child can be exposed to new scenarios and experiences where they get a chance to grow. CHCECE024 Assessment Answer

The five strategies that can help you evaluate the program:

  • The first factor that is essential in evaluating a program is constant observation. While conducting the outdoor activities, the assessor needs to make sure that these activities are enclosed within barriers as it is an integral part of ensuring a child’s safety and security.
  • Next, you have to ensure that there are sufficient resources available for a child’s development. The equipment and material required for every activity, from Monday to Friday should be accessible so that the child can be actively engaged in the activity.
  • Our nursing assignment help experts always mention that the health and safety of a child are of utmost priority and an essential part of evaluating the program. Thus, when the child is engaged in indoor experiences, the temperature inside should be maintained on a level that can improve their well-being and safety.
  • A natural environment is integral to a child’s development. Gardens can be a good representation of the natural environment as it supports the local flora and fauna while allowing the child to perform their outdoor activities in a safe environment. Thus, the garden can be used often to make children more environmentally conscious as well.
  • Comparing the changes in the child’s behaviour is essential. Thus, you will have to note down the smallest changes in the child’s performance and compare them accordingly to make an accurate assessment of their development.

A related link to NQS, EYLF, and centres procedures and policy that you referred to while designing the program:

  • NQS: This program required the child to be involved and become a confident learner. Curiosity, cooperation, enthusiasm, creativity, persistence, and imagination are skills that can be developed further with the help of these activities.

Also mention if your activities in the CHCECE024 assessment sample are useful in developing the correct learning abilities and mathematical skills from early childhood. Another thing that can link your program to NQS is showing that your program can help children develop as an emerging autonomy, resilience, inter-dependence, and some sense of agency which aids them in interacting with others with respect and empathy.

  • EYLF: For this section, you can showcase that EYLF outcomes were achieved when the child connected to the world through this program. A sense of responsibility is known to develop in children when they are taking care of the plants and the environment. This habit develops a sense of compassion and cares for their surroundings.

A strong sense of wellbeing is cultivated in children when they are taught to be responsible for their wellbeing. One way to do this is to engage them in Yoga sessions. An assessment of children’s communication skills can also be included in this part. You will need to mention that children sometimes use non-verbal gestures as well to interact with others. Storytelling sessions are a great way to improve their communication and vocabulary skills. Our experts have been providing assignment help in Australia for almost ten years now. That is why they are best suited to help you out with your assessments.

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