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chem101: food as energy fuel for life chemistry assessment answer

Students who are studying chemistry courses from any of the university probably are in need of CHEM101: Food as Energy Fuel For Life Assessment Answer. Writing assignments for the subject code CHEM101 cannot be easy for any student. There could be many students looking for CHEM101: Food As Energy Fuel For Life Chemistry Assessment Solution. You can be also one among those students. Guess what, the complete solution is now available at Sample Assignment. Chemistry is a daunting subject because of different calculations and chemistry concepts. Keeping this in mind, chemistry assignment writing experts available at Sample Assignment are available online to look into each concern and assist you with the complete approach to solve CHEM101 assignment.

Introduction to CHEM101: Food As Energy Fuel For Life Chemistry

CHEM101 is being offered by Latrobe University, Australia. In the first scenario of this assignment, you will be required to assess the higher energy content, fat and sugar. The generic classes of food should be represented by table sugar (sucrose) and palmitic acid which is the most abundant saturated fatty acid found in food. While writing assignments, you will also have to use the concepts of physical chemistry which are useful in examining the aspects of the energy content of food, the ways of oxygen transportation, amount of oxygen required for respiration, and the chemical kinetic factors that finds how soon the reactions takes place.

CHEM101: Food As Energy Fuel For Life Chemistry Assessment Answer (Question 1)

Q1. What functional groups are present in each molecule?

In order to answer this question, you are required to have the knowledge about the different functional groups. There is a total of seven functional groups found in the chemistry of life. For example - Carbonyl, Hydroxyl, Amino, Carboxyl, Thiol, Phosphate and aldehyde groups.

Q 2. Write balanced chemical equations for the aerobic respiration reaction of sucrose, showing how it reacts with oxygen to produce energy?

Answering these kinds of questions require adequate knowledge about the aerobic respiration reaction as well as what will be the result when it reacts with oxygen. For many students, it can be difficult to measure the energy released in a respiration reaction directly. However, thermodynamic enthalpy data can be the best for an equivalent overall reaction that proceeds via combustion instead. Additionally, they should also have the knowledge of central postulate of thermodynamics which is also known as "Hess's Law”. CHEM101: Food As Energy Fuel For Life Chemistry Assignment Answers Food As Energy Fuel For Life Chemistry Assessment Answer

Q 3. The molar enthalpy of combustion of sucrose, r H o = is -5645 kJ mol -1. Identify the term used to define the chemical reaction with a negative change in enthalpy.

In the above question, it is given that the molar enthalpy of sucrose combustion is r H o = is -5645 kJ mol -1. To define the chemical reaction in enthalpy you must have knowledge of exothermic reactions.

Q 4. Find out the molecular weights of palmitic acid and sucrose, by summing the contributions from O, C and H atoms. Also, enter the data in the table given below.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for a student to answer the question given above. You must have complete knowledge about the palmitic acid as well as sucrose. You are also required to enter the outcome in the table given in the question.

Q 5. As per the energy released in respiration per gram, which is the more potent fuel sugar, source or fat? Mention whether it is consistent with the notion that each new CO bond made via oxidation releases energy or not?

We all know that respiration requires oxygen but do we known how much we need in a day? This is something which is more than the matter of environment where the air is limited in supply. You can just get an idea of this as followed by considering the oxygen needed to produce the daily energy data quota for an adult. Apart from this, there are few more questions which need to be answered for CHEM101: Food as Energy Fuel For Life Assessment. In case, if you do not find the right approach to solve these questions contact Sample Assignment. Here you will get CHEM101: Food as Energy Fuel For Life Assessment sample or Chemistry assignment help which can be helpful in generating ideas. So whenever you encounter any difficulties in your assignment, feel free to reach Sample Assignment immediately.  

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