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Christmas Sale on Assignments

We all are well aware of the fact that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ but do you know Christmas is also called ‘Noel’, ‘Nativity’, and ‘Midwinter’? Over the years, Christmas has been named differently, but its essence remains the same.

We have been celebrating Christmas with pomp and glory every year. Christmas is celebrated on either on 25 December or 7 January, depending upon their belief. Christmas is a synonym for discounts and offers for some. Christmas Sale is observed across the world. This year noticed a Christmas offer on Assignment Services too.

Let us learn some lesser-known facts about Christmas.

  • The word ‘Christmas’ originally comes from ‘Cristes Maesse’, meaning mass of Christ.
  • The first Christmas Celebration was arguably held in York, UK, in 521AD.
  • Our favourite, the Christmas pudding, was initially a soup made with wine and raisins.
  • The famous Christmas carol, “Jingle Bells”, was originally titled “On Horse Open Sleigh” and written in 1857 for Thanksgiving.
  • Santa Claus is known by many names - Saint Nick, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle.
  • The Christmas tree was supposedly first decorated in Latvia in 1510.
  • Santa Claus has worn many colours over the years, including green, white, blue and red.
  • Santa’s red suit was introduced by a famous beverage company in the ‘30s and has stayed since then.
  • The red-nosed reindeer, Rudolph was brought to us as an advertising gimmick in 1839.
  • Until the twentieth century, the Christmas Trees were decorated with candles.
  • The electric tree lights were invented by Edward Johnson in 1882 but were not affordable by the common public for many decades.

Christmas Sale on Assignments

What is the Four Gift Principle of Christmas?

Buying Christmas presents has always made us scratch our heads. It is difficult to find the right gift for someone, which is why we bring to you the Four Gift Rule that helps you makes the right choice of gifts for your children, friends and family.

The four rules are:

  1. WANT
    The first rule asks you to get the ‘big gift’. It could be anything that the person wants and has been desiring for a long time. It can consist of electronic items, fancy items, gift coupons, assignment coupon codes, big toys, etc. This is to satisfy their ‘want’. At the end of the day, we all want something, and the celebration gets better when we get it.
  2. NEED
    Gifting anything that a person needs is better than any thoughtful gift item that they may not require. You have to be mindful of choosing this gift since it compels you to keep a close eye on their daily needs or words that something they have has broken down. It could be a lamp, stationery, watch, etc.
  3. WEAR
    Everyone loves dressing up. Buying a dress or something to wear instantly brightens up the mood of a person. Christmas is also called ‘midwinter’ for a reason, and you can gift winter wear to your loved ones. It will keep them warm and safe from the cold, signifying your love for them.
  4. READ
    Since you have got the things that satisfy their wish, need, and personality, you may opt for something that would add to their mental health as well. Mental health care is not limited to meditation but involves reading as well. Reading is known to improve your vocabulary, increase concentration, and develop knowledge. You may gift a copy of your favourite book or the latest copy of their favourite author. A book is an invaluable gift.

Why should you choose the Four Gift Rule?

There are many benefits of the Four Gift Rule. It creates clearer expectations, lesser expectations and disappointment for our friends and family. When you give fewer gifts, it makes the gifts more special. These rules lets you buy gifts that would engage, focus, learn and enjoy.

The Four Gift Rule also inculcates thankfulness in children. Children often get gifts but do not learn to value them enough. The number of gifts does not matter, but the emotions and utility behind them do and this is a lesson we all often forget.

What are the Drawbacks of the Four Gift Rule?

Everything has its pros and cons. The Four Gift Rule instils the feeling of appreciation, thankfulness, simplicity, calm and prevents overindulgence.

Still confused about what to gift on Christmas?

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What are the benefits of availing our biggest assignment offer?

This is the biggest Sample Assignment offer. It comes with many benefits:

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  • Assistance to conduct research: A detailed research is required to write any assignment. Our experts teach you to conduct good research.
  • Subject Matter Experts: Our Subject Matter Experts are highly experienced professionals who either hold a Masters or PhD or both. They will tutor you and clear your doubts.
  • Referencing Style: Our assignment help experts are well versed with the various referencing styles to help you make the perfect assignment that will fetch you good grades.
  • Best Assignment Deals: We come up with assignment sale every now and then to help you draft a good assignment. This time we bring to you Christmas Sale on Assignments, where you can avail 15% off on all assignments.

Terms and Conditions for Christmas Sale

  • The Christmas offer on assignment is not applicable to software-based technical assignments.
  • The minimum word count of an assignment should be more than 1500 words.
  • The sale covers all non-technical assignments.
  • The minimum deadline for an assignment should be more than 7 days.
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