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Clinical Reasoning Cycle: Phases And Significance Described By Sample Assignment Service Providers

The clinical reasoning cycle is a rational process utilized by clinicians, nurses, and other medical professionals to analyze patients' cases to reach a precise diagnosis treatment plan. It involves the assimilation of the entire attained knowledge, balancing, and experience drawn from the patient case studies to get a specific diagnosis of the patient's diseased condition. It refers to a small line between the patients deteriorating condition and their recovery status. However, medical practitioners and nurses with limited clinical reasoning knowledge might put the patient's health at risk while, in several cases, death.

The advantages of having precise and rigorous clinical reasoning include proper diagnosis, developing treatment processes, evading excessive clinical tests that unnecessarily increase the cost for patients, and enriching the patient's health. There are eight phases present in the clinical reasoning cycle, which are as follows (Figure 1):

  1. Fact consideration from the patient's condition: This is the first phase described with the patient clinical condition. Here you will receive information about the patient current medical status. For example, a 50-year-old man admitted to ICU as he had undertaken a bypass surgery. The clinical reasoning cycle nursing professionals suggest the students keep this phase as expressive as possible.
  2. Collecting information indications: This phase deals with the medical history of the patient's condition, undergoing treatment procedure, results of the tests, and any complications from the current diagnosis. After the information collection, the medical staff or nurses utilized this information using available knowledge of pharmacology, epidemiology to generate cues.
  3. Process data/information: This is one of the vital phases of the clinical reasoning cycle. You process the current health condition of the patient concerning the available pathological and pharmacological configurations and evaluate probable outcomes. It is one of the complex steps, so our team experts are available in every aspect to guide the students.
  4. Problem identification: Developing facts to make a precise treatment plan for the patient's condition is what you have to do here. When the problem is adequately determined, and then only would rectify it properly.
  5. Goals development: Here, you have to identify the treatment plans by analyzing the patient's condition. Thus, we guide the students to get clear about the goal achievement within a particular time frame.
  6. Procuring actions: It is necessary to execute the desire actions required to attain possible outcomes of a patient's health.
  7. Analyzing outcomes: At this phase, the students have to assess their actions for disease diagnosis. It will allow you to evaluate whether you have to continue with the same procedure or reassess the condition.
  8. Reflections: The final step of the clinical reasoning cycle deals with reflecting on what you have learned about the case, what else you can do differently to achieve a better result and what should be avoided during similar situations shortly.

    clinical reasoning cycle

Figure 1: Phases of Clinical Reasoning Cycle (Image taken from Levett Jones et al., 2010).

So, this summarizes about the different steps of Clinical Reasoning Cycle. Adopting this cycle has facilitated the rationale behind the patient's treatment and management plan, allowing the medical professional and nursing staff to go through a series of systematic phases, ultimately leading to an outcome that deliberates what is best suited for the patient in a particular health condition.

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about clinical reasoning cycle

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Below are the two screenshots of two nursing assignment task samples for the application of Clinical Reasoning Cycle that our nursing experts have worked on:

  1. Apply Clinical Reasoning cycle to determine and describe how you would assess and evaluate nursing care for case study: “Bill’s story”
    clinical reasoning cycle question
  2. Assignment Task: Using the application of Clinical Reasoning cycle, critically analyse the case study of a patient reported with chest pain to plan their nursing assessments

    clinical reasoning cycle sample online

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